What are you looking for in your Write Group?

What We Do

Our purpose [is] to enjoy the company of other writers, share and learn, encourage and stimulate one another.

The Write Group offers the following activities and services.

  1. writing
  2. a welcoming and supportive community of colleagues with common interests, aspirations and investments in each other and our works
  3. monthly meetings to have fun, share our writing (of any kind) and talk about writing
  4. oral readings of our works
  5. writing exercises
  6. writing prompts
  7. announcement of local events
  8. announcement of current markets
  9. announcement of current competitions
  10. constructive peer critiques of our works
  11. in-meeting, volunteer, written editing of our works during oral readings
  12. deeper, volunteer, take-home editing, beta-reading and critiquing of works beyond what can be provided orally at a meeting
  13. volunteer transcription of oral and handwritten works into print
  14. support and advice toward successful publication
  15. Craft Talk: discussions on writing craft (not lessons, but sharing of ideas)
  16. resources (bibliography, newspaper, Twitter, blog) on writing, writing craft, contests, prompts, markets, editors, agents, publishers and other matters
  17. a multi-platform public and global presence for the Group
  18. a multi-platform public and global presence for each of our members, providing exposure, reach, resources and networking
  19. cross-linking with the Town of Tofield website and other clubs and organizations also linked there (the Town is still constructing this page)
  20. a newsletter to deliver timely information of interest and keep us in touch
  21. Last Meeting section or paragraph in the newsletter immediately following a meeting
  22. an archive of the newsletter for each of us to see and reference

An additional activity that came up in discussions in 2013 (not implemented by consensus).

  1. feature Meet Your Fellow Member section in the newsletter

The importance of community for authors

  1. All writers need community; we succeed because of our community.

    Writers need to have a peer group, get mentorship, and help others. If any one of these elements is missing, you’re not getting or giving all the help you could, and your writing and career will suffer.

  2. All writers need peer support.

    There’s nothing like literally rubbing elbows with our peers to learn what is possible, what has been done, and what there is yet to do in our writing niche.

  3. All writers need teachers / mentors.

    We all contribute to each other’s craft. An equal or more experienced writer in your critique group could be your teacher or mentor. Or better yet, you could learn from all members.

  4. All writers need to help, teach, or in some way mentor other writers.

    It’s a known fact too that when you’re editing a peer’s work, you learn to articulate and discern what’s working and what’s not working in someone else’s writing. This in turn helps you become a better writer. Also, helping other writers is a way to pay it forward for all the help you’ve received out of the kindness of someone’s heart.

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Roundup of Monthly Events


We do not teach writing.

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