Our Members’ Publications

The Write Group strongly believes writing should be a fun, fulfilling and exploratory activity.

We actively encourage our members to write year round. Most of what we share in meetings are fiction and non-fiction short poetry and prose. However, we often discuss and critique long works too.

We also encourage members who are eager to do so to publish their polished works.

Publication comes in many forms. We have active bloggers and active columnists. We have those who post their poems and prose on social sites designed for sharing like work. We have non-fiction writers (essayists, memoirists) who write articles for peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed periodicals and non-fiction genre books. We also have writers who create longer works which are harder to share during meetings, but ultimately get published as novels or collections.

This section of our site works along side our Member pages to honour, recognize and curate these published works of our members. This page will obviously grow as more of our members publish and more publications become available.

Publications from the Write Group

    Laura Chute and Katie Lindskog:

  • Inborn Sins (novel)
    Work in Beta-reading

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