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On January 2, 2012, Figment started an 18-month series of Figment Daily Themes which I subscribed to. The Write Group newsletter started out as a means for me to pass these craft-building writing prompts forward to the Write Group.

The newsletter was rather prolific, producing an issue every Saturday, even if all it contained were Figment Daily Themes.

Gradually though, other resources found their way into the newsletter: contest announcements, member events and invitations, other local events, monthly observances, monthly prompts, and references to other material and resources.

When the Figment Daily Themes ended, the newsletter continued as a resource to reduce the Write Group’s dependency on me as in-meeting distributor of information1, to keep a form of minutes and to remain timely. Its frequency dropped to a monthly issue, with occasional time-sensitive letters; a weekly issue was too hard to maintain without the Figment Daily Themes bolstering it.

It always remained a letter though, rather than a newsletter as such. This was because I e-mailed it by design to the Write Group writers. It wasn’t until 2015 when I began seriously considering publicly archiving the newsletter, and by this time I had been calling it a newsletter for about a year or more.

The Write Group newsletters are posted here as a reference and historical record. I am unsure what interests most people would have with them, but I am treating them as blog posts: things written and posted for education and entertainment.

I hope you find them informative. At the very least you get to laugh at me and my often last minute, hours-to-write masterpieces, researched warts and all.

Except for mine, names mentioned in the letters have been reduced to first and last initials; some of our members would rather not have a digital presence. Broken links have been updated to point toward the present location of the relevant information. Syntax, grammar and punctuation were also tweaked but only where meaning was ambiguous. There were no revisions of the letters though. What I wrote in my e-mails is what you see here.

So, with no further ado, … enjoy.


1Keeping the Write Group members informed, even when I was not present, was also my motivation to create our now defunct wiki and this blog.

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