Posting on Our Blog

You want to contribute to the Write Group blog?

We’re interested.

Of course, everyone can read and use our material — within the bounds of our copyright and creative commons licenses.

We also welcome critiques, questions and comments on all our posts. We love feedback. Our guestbook is also open for comments, questions and requests.

Want to contribute further?

First, are you a member of the Write Group or a guest?

Guests may contribute guest posts. We may invite you or you may propose a post to blog. We will categorize your post as Guest Posts and tag it as your name and Writing guest along with other appropriate categories and tags.

Members may

  1. contribute a Member Page. You write and post a short biography of yourself as a writer or an introduction to your work, in which you may link to online samples of your work or to your blog(s) or website(s). You categorize your introductory post as your chosen handle and Members and tag it as TWGbio, your handle and Member. Other relevant categories and tags may also be added.

  2. author on our blog. You freely and independently blog as many posts as you like. You start with a Member Page. For each post you blog afterward, you categorize it as your handle and tag it as your handle and Member. Doing this will allow readers to find and follow your posts.

If you wish help posting on our blog, please check out the aside below or contact us. We look forward to helping you.

Thank you for your contributions. We hope with your help our blog becomes a go-to writing-club resource for our members and other writers.

Keep writing,
The Write Group


This is the effect of clicking TWGbio, Members, Member, your name and a member name under Search for Members.


When you contribute to the Write Group blog as an author, you will be asked to create a user account. This means two things: you will be able to log-in as yourself and post in our blog, and you will be given space gigabytes in size to start your own blog or blogs.

Pick your username wisely. How do you want the world to name you? How would you like them to search for and find you?

My recommendation is to use your first and last names as one word. (I, for instance, am shawnurban. So any post from me in this blog will say Posted by shawnurban in Stefras. Note, my primary professional blog is at It is readily identified to me. So are any comments I make on other blogs. Notice also that my handle, which is listed in Categories, is Stefras.)


Need help creating a post or page in WordPress? Or perhaps you want to copy or move one of your own?

Try these instructions.

How to Create or Copy a Post or Page in WordPress

What do you think?

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