Writing Prompts

A writing prompt on its own isn’t very interesting. The exciting part is the story it inspires you to create.”

— Alice Sudlow

Prompts inspire writing. They simultaneously distract you; exercise your creativity, storytelling skills, imagination and writing skills; return you to a state of play, flow and the fun of writing; and help break creative blocks.

We have several writing prompts cited in this blog and on various sites cited in our Diigo. In addition, consider using quickwrites, a similar inspirational tool.

Table of prompts

This table of writing prompts links to the various posts on the blog where you will find prompts.

  • Write Group Meeting Prompts

    Over the years, the Write Group has offered its members many writing prompts. We collected dozens here and offer them to you.

  • Writing Prompt Boot Camps

    Need something more than prompts? Perhaps these writing-prompt boot-camps can help. They are chock-full of tips and prompts to get you started in your writing.

  • Figment Daily Themes

    Figment Daily Themes offers a prompt a weekday for a year and a half. These thought-provoking prompts are designed to inspire and help you explore and develop your craft.

  • WordPress Daily Post Prompts

    WordPress offers another year of daily prompts. For even more inspiration, try this selection.

  • John Spencer’s WriteAbout Photo Prompts

    Want to try something different? How about photo writing prompts, complete with caption cues?

  • Other Craft-building Prompts

    Looking for more? We have more. As we offer more prompts to our members, we post them here for you to try. Check out our Prompts Category and Writing prompt Tag.

    Also, visit the Write Group Diigo site for annotated and tagged links to more writing prompts.

  • Writing Challenges

    Need a push to write? Check out these challenges.

  • Publishing Challenge

    How about a hand publishing? This challenge offers an analysis of your options, advice on how to publish and a challenge to do so.

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