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The Write Group

The Write Group
Tofield, Alberta, Canada

Bio: The Write Group is a group of writers in East Central Alberta (Canada) that meets monthly and shares a common love: writing of any kind. We write. We share. We have fun.

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Welcome to the Write Group.

We are a writing club. We have been around since 1984 and have been online, in various places such as Twitter and Diigo, since 2012. Our blog, The Write Group, curates and offers prompts, competitions, events (local to us), member pages and resources.

We invite you to visit us or revisit us and see what we offer.

Who are we?

We are “writers sharing and talking about writing” (our credo). We love talking writing and sharing stories with fellow local writers.

We are novelists, bloggers, poets, journalists, essayists, historians, short story writers, playwrights, wordsmiths and storytellers.

The Group was founded in 1984 by a library clerk, Carol Livingstone, and a patron, Paula Hallett, to, to quote Carol, “enjoy the company of other writers, share and learn, [and] encourage and stimulate one another”. The Write Group pursues and cherishes these same core values today.

Carol “put an ad in the Merc [Tofield Mercury] and we ended up with a nice group of about seven regulars”. The number of local writers in the Write Group has fluctuated over the years. Today we have grown to over 30 strong. Not bad for a rural agricultural and bedroom community.

The Write Group connects writers to a community of writers and writing. We encourage, challenge and play; share, discuss and support; network and interact; and share opportunities to create, market, exchange and experience the thoughts, art and love of language of others.

We offer: celebration, camaraderie, critiques, exercises, prompts, competitions, information on writing techniques and markets, and a fun evening of community and our own poems, stories, articles, writing experiences and advice.

A flowchart showing the benefits of the Write Group.

Welcome to the Write Group. And thank you for visiting us. Enjoy your stay.

Keep writing,
The Write Group

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