Hi. Welcome to the berth of the Write Group.

This post will help you navigate our site.


When you visit our blog, you will encounter our front page and welcome post.

Welcome Post

Beneath the welcome post is the latest post that was written and below that a concise archive of other posts in backward chronological order. You can visit older posts by clicking on the Older Posts button beneath the archives.

Top Menu

At the top of the blog is the menu. Each of the items on the menu heads a different section of our blog. Submenus reveal further items. Please play around and discover what our blog has to offer. For those of you familiar with our old wiki, you will recognize several of the items. Other items are new. Each of the sections is designed to expand, so that our blog can grow; the menu will maintain navigation.

Blog Menu

Right Sidebar

In addition to the menu, our blog has a sidebar to the right of its posts. In this sidebar is a list of our categories and an archive of our past posts. You click on these items to find posts you are interested in.

Blog Sidebar

Evergreening and New Posts

Many of our posts are evergreened. Some, like our contest and observance posts, are evergreened regularly; one post in each of these categories is updated each month. Some, like our prompt page and posts, are updated when new material is available; new posts are also added.

Event and newsletter posts are added often. As events return, they are also evergreened.

Member posts are where you will find the most unique and blog-like material. You will enjoy these.

Dating of Posts

The initial publishing date of some the contest, observance and newsletter posts are manipulated when they are published to order the posts in a September to August or yearly rank during searches using the competition, observance and newsletter tag and category labels. This is designed to improve navigation.

Monthly Roundup

To further help with navigation, an index of monthly material is also provided and of course evergreened.

We wish you happy exploring,
The Write Group