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The Write GroupWelcome to the Write Group and our blog. Enjoy your visit and take your time perusing our posts and pages.

Have you ever had an urge to write or had something you wanted to tell to many people? Have you ever wanted to share your work before it was done to get feedback on it? Have you ever wanted to educate or entertain others, and get support and encouragement from others trying to do the same thing? Or have you ever wanted to write just for the enjoyment of it, for your own pleasure?

We have and we still do. So we formed a club for writers, a club of writers, a club of people, just like you, who gather in a story circle and share and talk about writing.

The Write GroupThe Write Group is a community of writers who mutually share and discuss our poems, stories, novels, essays, columns, articles, histories, memoirs, how-tos and the craft of writing. We are essentially storytellers and storymakers. Between meetings we write; sometimes, we also work at day jobs, enjoy our leisure and spend time with our families.

This blog is our attempt to reach out to our members and the public. We offer prompts, competitions, market information, events local and specific to us, our newsletter, our Write Group Daily newspaper, our member posts, our Twitter feed, and other material and resources.

If …

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Pop in, please. See what we have to offer and partake of the resources we gather. Most of all,

Enjoy and keep writing,
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Preparation of the Storyteller



The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller.”

— Steve Jobs

If you’re trying to live a life of purpose and meaning, the first thing to ask is not ‘why’ or even ‘what’ but ‘who’. Do you know who you are?”

— Jeff Goins

Activity follows identity. Once you know you who you are, you will know what to do.”

— Jeff Goins

Every successful writer has an audience.”

— Jeff Goins

Great writing is about giving a reader enough detail to let them see the world you are presenting — without overdoing it. At best, they need some wiggle room to see your story world as they want to.”

— Dawn Field, 5 ways to improve your verbal imagery

Prose is architecture, not interior design.”

— Ernest Hemingway

Writing, no matter how planned out, will take its own path.”

— Autumn M. Birt

If every day, you don’t write, when will you ever finish your stories?”

— Joe Bunting, Creative Writing Challenge