Event: Poetry City Challenge



Event: Poetry City Challenge

Where: Canada
When: March or April (by community)

In celebration of National Poetry Month and World Poetry Day (March 21), each year municipalities and people across Canada are challenged to bring poetry into politics. This event celebrates poetry, writing, small presses and the contribution of poets and all writers to the rich cultural life in our country.

In previous years, one mayor led this annual challenge (Mayor’s Challenge) by inviting a poet to read at a council meeting in March or April, then challenging mayors and councils across the nation to follow suit and join the celebration. As part of the Edmonton 2016 Poetry Festival, the City of Edmonton hosted an event at City Hall on April 20, sponsored by the League of Canadian Poets and the Writers’ Guild of Alberta. The 2016 Poets Laureate of Edmonton (Pierrette Requier and Charlotte Cranston) delivered poetry alongside Gerald Hill (Poet Laureate of Saskatchewan), Anna Yin (Poet Laureate of Mississauga, Ontario) and Cree/Métis poet Marilyn Dumont.

Anyone is welcome to contribute #PoetryCity poems during the months of March and April.

Latest update: 2018

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Event: Edmonton Poetry Festival



Event: Edmonton Poetry Festival and Poetry Slam

Where: Multiple Venues, Edmonton, Alberta
When: April 22 – 29, 2018

The Edmonton Poetry Festival celebrates poetry in all its forms. It gets people from across the Edmonton area involved as creators and audiences. It doesn’t matter what age you are, what culture you come from, or whether you fall for slam poetry or jump at reading the classics. Publishers, writers’ organizations, community organizations, schools and literary groups get involved. It aims to stimulate the growth and quality of work created and performed by Edmonton area artists, and brings in national and international artists to inspire, entertain and educate. This year’s (2018) theme is “Your Voice Here”.

Latest update: 2018

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Event: Strathcona County Writer’s Conference



Event: Strathcona County Annual Writer’s Conference

Where: County Hall, Sherwood Park, Alberta
When: April 28, 2018

The Writers Foundation of Strathcona County (WFSC) Writer’s Conference is an annual writer’s conference in Sherwood Park. This year’s conference theme is “Get Your Words Out”. A series of presentations, displays and featured workshops, designed to get your words out and discovered, will cover various topics on publishing, promotion, marketing, social media and events. You wrote your poems, short stories, nonfictions and novels. Now get them into the hands of your readers and fans.

Latest update: 2018

Know of any special festivals, fairs, courses or events we should post here? Share with us and we’ll share it with the rest of the Group.

Welcome to the Write Group




Welcome to the Write Group and our blog. Enjoy your visit and take your time perusing our posts and pages.

Have you ever had an urge to write or had something you wanted to tell to many people? Have you ever wanted to share your work before it was done to get feedback on it? Have you ever wanted to educate or entertain others, and get support and encouragement from others trying to do the same thing? Or have you ever wanted to write just for the enjoyment of it, for your own pleasure?

We have and we still do. So we formed a club for writers, a club of writers, a club of people, just like you, who gather in a story circle and share and talk about writing.

The Write GroupThe Write Group is a community of writers who mutually share and discuss our poems, stories, novels, essays, columns, articles, histories, memoirs, how-tos and the craft of writing. We are essentially storytellers and storymakers. Between meetings we write; sometimes, we also work at day jobs, enjoy our leisure and spend time with our families.

This blog is our attempt to reach out to our members and the public. We offer prompts, competitions, market information, events local and specific to us, our newsletter, our Write Group Daily newspaper, our member posts, our Twitter feed, and other material and resources.

If you are interested in who we are and what we do, check out Our Story in the menu above.

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If you have comments or questions about our blog that don’t fit a specific post or page, please connect with us through our guestbook. We love feedback.

If you want to join us, we welcome new writers from our local area any time. Check our joining statement.

Pop in, please. See what we have to offer and partake of the resources we gather. Most of all,

Enjoy and keep writing,
The Write Group


Where Writing is Unique



As the Write Group meetings draw down for the year, certain questions emerge about accomplishments over the past year, plans and hopes for the coming Summer months and next year, and the reasons why we write.

So, why write? Why read? What makes writing unique among the arts and information industries?

Joe Meno discusses the embedding of readers into the written story and the intimacy of written art relative to other media.

“[Any writing] is not actually finished until the reader [reads] the words and actively imagines their meanings, whereas films, television, even stage plays don’t actually need an audience. They can still function and exist whether or not anyone is watching. But a book needs a reader to be completed.”

— Joe Meno, What a Novel Can Do That Film and TV Can’t, 2012

Heloise Jones comments on the intimacy and affect of story.

“Looking back, I remember how I sought birdsong on my early morning walks when I hurt most. How I stood under a mockingbird, let it’s strong, clear song piece my heart. The marvel I felt at how such a big sound could come from such a small bird. The beauty of so many melodies flowing from one soul, like stories. I didn’t understand why, then. I just knew I needed that birdsong. I understand now. Like the train, the knowing came first, and the sound got in my body: Love life. Seems so obvious.”

— Heloise Jones, The Sound in My Body, 2018

Joe Bunting touches on the root of why we write. (It is worthwhile reading the comments following his article.)

“You first dreamed of becoming a writer to create a deep connection. You wanted another person to know how you felt. You wanted to change someone’s life.”

— Joe Bunting, To Become a Writer, Just Do These Two Things, 2016

Thank You

For those of you who follow our blog, thank you. We are humbled to write some things you find valuable. For those of you who read our blog, thank you as well. We hope you enjoy what we write. And to our members, wow. Please keep writing. We love hearing your poems, nonfictions and stories. You make our Group a pleasure to participate in (and, from my perspective, to lead). I am very proud of you all, everywhere. Keep enjoying what you create and creating what you enjoy.

I leave you with the question and look forward to your responses below. Why write? Why read? What makes writing unique among the arts and information industries?