The Write Group Anthology (proposed May 2016)

Would you be interested in creating a Write Group Anthology next year?

The Writers Foundation of Strathcona County did this and found it to be a great community building activity. This is their blurb describing the challenge:

“Although this book targets writers, everyone will enjoy this collection of stories and poems from 17 authors as they explore their creativity and respond to 20 different writing prompts. It displays the diversity that exists among writers even when prompted by the same written inspiration. Go on – give it a try!”

The challenge is suitably called the Writing Prompt Journey — Take the Challenge.

Essentially, next year we respond to ten writing prompts or sets of prompts. We edit and revise these responses, then submit and anthologize them or some of them. There are 25 of us. If we each contribute about five pages, we will get a 125 page book.