What a surprise! The Write Group blog celebrates its second anniversary today. It has been a journey, one we hope you find worthy of your visit.

Two years a blog

It has been a strong two years. We planned and lay down the skeleton of this blog two years ago, deciding to control the categories we create and hide the tags to improve visitor navigation. We also designed the top menu with the same goal. We posted our vitals under Our Story, we transcribed our competitions and observances from our pen and paper archives, and we posted prompts that we have used in the Write Group over many years and even decades.

Just recently we added our newsletter and events posts — boy, there was no end to the newsletter posts. We also connected to our other sites.

Perhaps our best achievement was our Member Pages, giving our members a space to tell their stories to you. This gives our members a much desired voice and enriches our group’s blog.

A close second to that, when our blog navigation became cumbersome because we compartmentalized observances with observances, events with events, competitions with competitions, et cetera, is our Monthly Roundup page (under Events in the menu above), where we bring all things that happen in a month and link to them on one page.

Currently, we are posting our seasonal and monthly archived prompts, having already posted several of our general internal and external ones. There are more prompts left to digitize and upload. We also have pages of inspirational quotes, market and submission announcements, and course events to post. So our third year is set to grow even more.

Our blog has matured since its beginning. Posts and pages are continuously added and many are continuously greened. Even if it looks like we haven’t added new material, several of our posts are frequently and regularly updated to keep our blog relevant and useful to our members and you.

If you find things you like or if you want things added to our blog, please let us know. Like our pages and posts — particularly those of our members — and give us a shout in our guestbook. Thank you.

Please enjoy what our blog has to offer. Take some time. Wander about.

Thank you for visiting, and keep writing,
The Write Group