Newsletter: 19/2/24: Reading and the Write Group: Meeting Friday

Hi everyone,

It is been a long and quick two months. I hope everyone survived the extended cold snap. I finally had a chance to shovel my driveway after two weeks, and, as evidenced by the drifts, it needed it.

We are meeting again this Friday, March 1, at 7:00 pm in the Council Chamber of the Tofield Town Office. I hope you will join us.

I am excited for this meeting. Perhaps I missed not meeting in January. Perhaps I am just in a writing mood. I started editing another novel co-written by two of our members, KL and LC. These teen girls wrote (are still writing) a fascinating fantasy novel over 300 pages long. I hope to do them and their work justice with strong and empowering editing and commentary.

I have been thinking a lot about the influence of reading on our writing lately. You know the saying: Good writers are good readers. There are several reasons for this. Reading allows us to explore the scope, depth and twists of other writers’ imaginations, which inspires us to emulate the level of storytelling other writers achieve. It reveals genre trends, possibilities and benchmarks, important because it frees us to be just as open and inventive – we often get so tunnelled in our doubts and self-imposed restrictions. Reading is like writing practice since it exposes us to techniques and effects others use to engage and immerse readers. It also puts us in the readers’ seat, giving us a taste of how our writing might be experienced. And it refreshes us and revitalizes us when we feel drained or alone in our craft. It reminds us that others are writing too and that our work could also be read and enjoyed. This alone reminds us that our writing has worth. An article I just read reminds me of another benefit of reading:

Writer's legacy

The talented writers who came before you left you an amazing legacy. The ultimate how-to guide to solve screenwriting problems … Their screenplays and the films that they launched.

So keep on writing. Persevere through your doubts. Enjoy your imagination and storytelling skills. Learn. Grow. Entertain and inform others. And remember, as our Write Group meetings are designed to do, that you are part of a community. Embrace that fellowship and celebrate your writing.

Until Friday, keep writing – who knows who your writing might inspire with your amazing legacy,