Newsletter: 18/10/4: Meeting Tomorrow: Landscapes of Colour

Hi everyone,

Every season has its appeals. Autumn is my favourite time of year. It is the colours, the images, the landscapes that stand out against each other that ignite my imagination. I love forests and hilly plains, but I particularly love them in the Fall. When I see golden aspen standing by emerald white spruce pillars, or red and blue striped blades bordering fields of yellow-orange grass, I feel a strong wander lust, a longing to explore the expanse and the horizon.

That longing is common to passionate writers, like us, as well. Our words paint colours, images and landscapes that fire our imaginations and magically the imaginations of our readers. It is a rising helix of imagination to words to imagination. When we touch the flame, we crave the words and the images. We writers gain the addictive urge to continue imagining and writing. The best part is, when our writing clicks with them, our readers join us for the ride. Sharing hooks. When we paint pictures, blending colours and strokes into movement and vitality, whether in poems or essays or stories, we compel our readers to explore our visions with us. This is the power of writing: to draw our audiences into our thoughts and senses, so that they too perceive what we see in the world.

I invite you to our next Write Group meeting this Friday at 7:00 pm in the Council Chamber of the Town Office to imagine, write, share, discuss, practise and hone your creative appetite and skills with others walking the same journey.

Come. Join us. Let’s wander and inspire together.

Until Friday, keep writing,