Newsletter: 18/8/20: What do you want to write?

What do you want to write?

Hi everyone,

Yes! We are approaching another Write Group season. I hope you had a relaxing and fun Summer and are excited to socialize and share with fellow writers — poets, bloggers, fiction writers and nonfiction writers — for another season.

Before we officially begin and I formally welcome you back, I want to get your feedback on a couple of things.

As you may know, sometimes it is hard to find a meeting day that suits everyone. With 36 members even more so. Currently, we meet the first Friday of every month from September to June. I would really appreciate a reply e-mail letting me know what day(s) of the week — and which week — you would prefer to gather to share and talk about writing, and which day(s) — and week(s) — you cannot.

This will help me organize our regular meetings to suit as many people as possible. Our meetings are really the meat of our group. They are where you get the sense that you are part of a like-minded community, where we “enjoy the company of other writers, share and learn, [and] encourage and stimulate one another“.

So, please do e-mail back and help me schedule our meetings to suit you.

I would also like to know what, if anything, we can do that will make our meetings even more productive and fun for you. We have a long list of activities that we engage in. Our main in-meeting activities are reading and discussing each others’ writing, but we love experimenting with other regular activities as well. The question is simple: What would you like our Write Group to do?

Ha. Nearly three weeks away and I am already giving you homework. Be sure to e-mail me back and let me know when you want to meet and what you want to do during our meetings. I look forward to tailoring our meetings to suit your likes and needs.

Have a great remainder of Summer. The Don’t Hibernate Fair is Thursday, June 6, and our first meeting is Friday, June 7.

Enjoy the rest of August and keep writing,

PS: I’ve been asked to increase the frequency of Write Group e-mails to twice a month. Would you prefer more frequent e-mails or e-mails only once per month, with occasional special-occasion/news e-mails?