Newsletter: 17/10/5: Write Group Meeting Tomorrow at 7 pm

Hi everyone,

Time caught up to me, so I apologize for this late reminder.

October Meeting

Our second Write Group meeting is upon us, tomorrowFriday, October 6 — in fact, at 7:00 pm in the Council Chamber of the Tofield Town Office (same building as the library).​
​ ​
We have a fun evening planned for you, with October’s Autumn, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Autumnal Equinox (yes, I know this was in September) and Harvest Moon observances to inspire us. I created a new writing exercise and a new take-home prompt based on this month and there are local events you might be interested in.

Local October Events

We missed Strathcona County’s Words in the Park Fair which was held on September 30. But Calgary hosts Wordfest from October 9 – 15, and Edmonton hosts International LitFest from October 12 – 22. You will find these events and October prompts, observances and contests detailed on our monthly round-up page.

October Prompts and Exercises

We have many prompts to tickle your writing muse this month, from those specific to the month to Halloween prompts to a new one, which last month’s successful ice-breaker exercise, Weaving an Autumnal Tale: A Group Writing Game, and our popular Tic-tac-write exercise inspired. We will be playing with the new Autumnal Tic-tac-write tomorrow.

I also have a new October take-home prompt:

Here is a simple October prompt. Come up with one or two words you associate with Autumn, one or two you associate with Thanksgiving, one or two you associate with Halloween. Then write a poem, story or non-fiction that pivots on these words and their meaning to you. Happy writing.

And just in case that was not enough inspiration to help you write, see if any October writing observances peak your interest. Also remember that November is Novel Writing (NANOWRIMO), Digital Writing, Blog Posting (NABLOPOMO), Life Writing, Academic Writing, Family Writing, Non-fiction November Month. If you ever wanted to create a blog, write a novel or a memoir, or write non-fiction — whether academic or not, October is the month to start planning and setting things up.

Invitation to Gather Tomorrow

I look forward to meeting you tomorrow and sharing our writings with each other. Come join us and socialize for a couple of hours with fellow local writers. (There are more of us than you might know.)

Bring your Thanksgiving or Halloween stories, poems or essays. Ring in October. We will share Halloween works on November 3rd, our next meeting, as well.

Final Word

I thought you might enjoy this poem from Robert Frost to get you in the October holiday mood.​ It reminds me that I have to harvest the last of my grapes, which ripened sweetly after our first snow on October 1.

Happy Thanksgiving, and keep writing,