Newsletter: 17/9/8: Welcome! Join us at 7:00 for our first meeting

Welcome everyone,

Just 15 minutes. Fifteen minutes a day is better than a wish. A name — of anything or anyone — changes the blank page from how do I start to who is this person or what is this place or thing. This question is potent and easy compared to that bully blank page. You learn to write and create better as you practise. No one ever stops learning. It is the growth; the curiosity; the imagination and creation of images, of meaning, of story (even if you are writing an essay); the urge — oh that bug to create more, to write more — that makes writing so fun.

Welcome and welcome back, veteran members and new, to another year of the Write Group. I hope you have fun writing and sharing this year.

The Write Group is a community — your community. We support and encourage each other as we write and share our poems, stories and non-fictions and grow as writers. We are diverse, consisting of those trying writing-for-fun for the first time to those who publish blogs, books, columns and poems. And we are all still learning, despite our range of ages and mastery.

The Don’t Hibernate Fair (DHF) last night was a lot of fun. Several people talked with me, many took our brochure (of 16, I have four left) and four curious writers signed up to tentatively check us out at 7:00. No pressure on me at all tonight.

I created a published page for us on our blog. No longer are visitors just sent to a catalogue of posts and announcements about our publications, but to an actual page that curates and recognizes your accomplishments as you publish. I printed a copy of the page to show off at the DHF last night. I know there are more of you who have published than I have listed. Please take a moment to check out the page and drop me an e-mail about your publications.

Understand though, the purpose of our group is to embrace the pleasure of writing. There is a magic in turning thoughts in our heads into a picture and movie of words that our readers and listeners in turn turn into thoughts and images of their own. That is what the Write Group is here to nurture. In the words of our founder, “Our purpose was to enjoy the company of other writers, share and learn, encourage and stimulate one another, same as it is today.”

I decided last night to create a writing exercise for tonight. Last year I revived a fun chain-story prompt we used several years back. Those present thoroughly enjoyed the exercise and asked for a similar exercise this year. We are going to try tonight. Remember, in addition, that we have several observances, prompts and competitions this month. Check out our monthly roundup. (The competitions are not updated yet. I ran out of time for tonight, but they will be updated shortly.)

Our first Write Group meeting is tonight at 7:00 pm in the Council Chamber of the Tofield Town Office (same building as the library). Come join us and help scribble our new year in.

I look forward to seeing you tonight.

Until then, have fun and keep writing,