Newsletter: 17/8/23: Welcome to Another Write Group Year

Hi everyone,

How was your Summer?
What did you do?
Did you enjoy the Write Group last year?
Are you excited for more this year?

It is all about having fun
each other.

So dust off those stories,
non-fictions and poems,
and get out that fresh
or text app.

Our passions are simmering.
Our writing is gnashing.
Our fingers are tingling.
Our Write Group is meeting.

Greetings and welcome
to a new Write Group year.
Come, write, meet, share.
Join​and enjoy.​

I am getting ready for this new writing and collaborative year and look forward to seeing you all again.


Our first meeting is coming soon, following the Tofield Don’t Hibernate Fair. The fair is coming up on September 7 and I have been asked for information to advertise ourselves.

This is where you come in. I would like to know when you would like to meet this year, and when you cannot meet. I will arrange for us to meet on the most popular day.

The truth is we try each year to welcome everyone to each of our meetings. But we need to know when is the best time to do that.


Would you prefer to meet on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday?

Would you prefer the first, second, third or fourth/last week of each month?


On which of these days and weeks can you not attend? (Traditionally we meet at 7:00 pm and share until we tire or 9:00 pm. That is two hours a month to connect, celebrate, critique and share something we are all passionate about.)

Would you prefer not to meet? (Yes, that is an option. You miss out on a lot, but the basics are available on our blog.)


While I am seeking information, I would also like to know what more you think we should provide. We are always growing and try to tailor our meetings to gratify everyone attending. So check out our activities and if something is missing, not quite what you want or over the top, please let me know. Last year we started Craft Talk because someone asked for it and those attending our meetings voted to add it to our activities. We look forward to continuing this activity this year.

I do hope you had a great Summer. Continue to enjoy the remainder of it and ready yourselves for another fun year of writers writing and talking about writing.

See you in September and keep writing,