Newsletter: 17/4/5: April Write Group meeting this Friday

Hi everyone,

It looks like Spring is here. I hope it lasts. We are into the Spring portion of our Write Group season, with three more meetings remaining until Summer. I hope you have had a creative and productive year so far.

April is a busy month. Poetry appreciation, poetry writing and letter handwriting are important writing skills recognized this month. Many of us have written poems and letters. Many of us have also used these to enhance other forms of our writing. And many of the prompts we have used over the years for this month (more) are designed to help you explore and develop these skills. Take time this month to practise poetry and letter writing.

There are several events happening this month. The annual Poetry City challenge, where people are encouraged to write a political poem starts in March, but takes off in April. Last year Edmonton officially launched the Mayoral part of this challenge. Edmonton is hosting the Edmonton Poetry Festival this month. Publishers, poets, writers’ organizations, community organizations, schools and literary groups get involved in this celebration of poetry. In the meantime, Strathcona County is hosting a Writers’ Conference this month. And Calgary is hosting the Spoken Word Festival.

There are a lot of opportunities to write and celebrate writing this month.

At our last meeting we held our first Craft Talk discussion, which, though a little rough, went well. Those present were excited to continue the series. So, stay tuned for further iterations of this activity. The topics are picked by those who volunteer to lead them. The next one is on characterization. This is a topic dear to JL’s heart, so she suggested the topic and volunteered to lead it. She may opt to present it in any format; discussion, workshop or presentation were mentioned at our last meeting. I know workshop excited some. So I anticipate great sessions.

I am still working on my post on the last Craft Talk. The amount of detail from our discussion and my research is daunting. I have had some success with an outline I hope to convert into a Prezi. I am about half through the discussion and look forward to presenting it to you. I already created a Craft Talk category on our blog. I hope it fills with quality posts.

I hope you can join us this Friday at 7:00 pm, again in the Council Chamber of the Tofield Town Office. As usual we will be talking about writing and sharing our own. For a fun couple of hours, come join us.

Keep writing,