Newsletter: 17/2/26: March to the next Write Group Meeting

Hi everyone,

I’m excited and a little anxious for our next Write Group meeting this Friday. This is our first meeting in which we will formalize our discussions on writing, publishing and marketing craft.

At our last meeting, I volunteered to kick this Craft Talk off with What is Story? I have been contemplating and researching this question since; you should see my concept maps. I am currently squeezing this research into 3-5 astute questions, which I will e-mail to you prior to Friday so you can digest them before we meet. I look forward to seeing how the discussion goes and hope it meets your expectations.

In the meantime, I have also had some discussions with JT about her first novel, Melhara, which is being released this Thursday, just before our meeting. I hope you join us Friday to congratulate JT. A post on our blog promotes this release. Keep an eye on our blog for an interview between JT and me. We may also arrange a reading and book donation at the Tofield Library at a later date.

I also recently heard from DG, who just completed his back-cover blurb for Sapling: The Broken Halls. This is DG’s second book and second in the Sapling series. It won’t be long before this new book comes out as well. It is a wondrous book, a pleasure to read and a pleasure to edit. This is the tentative blurb he came up with:

Free from the snares of the Blade of Ahtol, Firah continues to be haunted by lingering shadows of the demonic dagger. She follows her guardian Zyr far from her thieving life on the streets into the broken domains of a once-great Order. Entombed under the boughs of Southern Mehnin forest, the daunting Broken Halls hold many past mysteries and present dangers.

Recent events have trapped the impaired company. Aerluin calls. The Sapling awakens. The Stalwart are summoned. The embattled White Guard must hold fast against the forces who would seize power in Southern Mehnin Province. And hidden adversaries have become emboldened.

All the while, Kenhar slips deeper into shadow …

DG is an author on our blog. And JT has expressed interest in creating a Member Page and becoming an author as well. All members of the Write Group are welcome to either create a Member Page or become an author on our blog (which includes creating a Member Page). Just e-mail me your interest and follow the second link above to get started. Of course, I will gladly help. In fact, JT and I will discuss this topic after our meeting Friday if you care to join in.

Our next Write Group meeting is this Friday, March 3, at 7:00 pm in the Tofield Town Office (same building as the library). Join us for some encouragement and camaraderie.

In the meantime, enjoy Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Carnival or Fasnacht on February 28, and keep writing,