Newsletter: 17/2/5: Write Group Changes

Hi everyone,

I hope you are having a terrific weekend.

I’m emailing you because we had great suggestions about how to improve our Write Group meetings which those present agreed to implement.

New Members

First though, I would like to welcome our two newest members. I hope you were impressed by us on Friday and intend to join our group. For those keeping count, if these two ladies decide to join us, we will be 32 strong.

New Book

Second, I wish to congratulate JT, one of ours, for her forthcoming novel, Melhara. With her permission, I will post more about this book in our blog some time this month, since it is to be released in the next month.

New Activities

Our main activity during our meetings is oral sharing and discussion of our works, whether they be poetry, prose, fiction or non-fiction. We encourage each other and, when topics come up, discuss writing craft. Other writing clubs often send manuscripts home with members for editing and discussion in their next meeting.

On Friday, two activities were requested. I added these to our list of activities and services after the six of us present agreed these activities would add to our group.

First, those who wish written feedback can make photocopies of their work and have volunteers suggest changes or places where things work well or not-so-well while the piece is being read. This is a new activity (number 11 in our list). It goes with number 10 (oral critique of works) and number 12 (volunteer take-home editing). For those who wish to do a deeper edit of a work (for instance suggesting the moving around of passages or fixing of descriptions or actions), they can take home the manuscript they were marking during the reading.

Second, a request was forwarded to make discussion of writing craft (number 14 in our list of activities) more formal. Previously, we did this on an impromptu Q&A basis. I am hoping we make this a potluck-like activity, where a different person each month leads a discussion (on an agreed upon and promoted topic) and people join in with their thoughts and opinions. I’m sure we will have to tweak this activity as we go along, but I have high hopes for it. What do you think of the title Craft Talk?

I will volunteer to kick off this writing craft activity in March with the tentative topic of “What is story?” — which I am defining broadly to include poetry, prose, nonfiction (columns, essays, memoirs, history, et cetera) and fiction. I might bring up genre, form, purpose and audience. These will be questions and we will take as long as we like to discuss them.

Now it is your turn. What do you think about while-reading editing and formal craft discussions?

Resource Links

Before I let you go, I promised certain links to prompts, our story, et cetera. We use several sites to serve you and get our name out there. This has worked well for us, as we not only have people around the world following us, we have groups and writers, both local and global, asking our advice on writing and writing clubs.

Visit our blog. It is now our most active and informative site. You can learn more about us in the Our Story section listed in our blog’s top menu. We have prompts (more), competitions, events (top menu) and other resources listed throughout our blog. The best place to catch everything each month is in our Monthly Roundup page.

I hope you have a great month. Enjoy the season. Stay safe and healthy.

Keep writing,