Newsletter: 17/1/28: Turn of the month and next week’s meeting

Hi everyone,

Last week was one of the more beautiful I have seen so far this Autumn-and-Winter season. I love hoar frost. Add warm temperatures and the week was perfect for some Winter exercise, particularly walking. I took photographs near my home. And this inspired a short story that I am working on. I hope you too enjoyed the week. What did you do?

Last month, two people attended our Write Group meeting. Normally, the more people who attend, the better, because there is more sharing and talking. We all catch up, encourage and inspire each other. Meetings are great for building that sense of community and fellowship.

But meetings where two people get together can be noteworthy. DG and I had several such meetings which led to me editing two of his novels and him self-publishing them (one is about to go out). There is nothing like face-to-face discussion to get you rooting for the success of another.

Last month, I had an itch to map one of my short stories (Magpie Den). It didn’t need a map, but I had the urge to do so, simple as the map was. The thing is, I decided to add landscape for another of my short stories (A Giant or a Nack?) on the map, then another (A Pril o’ the Thirst), and so on. Suddenly, I had a map that connected several of my short stories and a guide to created new, connector stories. One of those stories was inspired by the hoar frost last week. And in our last meeting, the two of us there discussed genres and connecting stories or poems or essays that share commonalities. Often big things come from connecting small things. And big discussions come from small groups.

Club meetings are like retreats where we can share, get advice and meet people with similar interests. Everyone who participates benefits, with the sense of community and the urge to write being two of the greatest perks we carry from the meetings. We are such an imaginative and enthusiastic group. I always look forward to participating in meetings and hope, if you have not yet come, you try one of ours out.

We meet again this Friday, February 3, at 7:00 pm, in the Tofield Town Office. Bring something to share, or come just to remind yourself what we are about. I hope to see you there.

Until then, keep writing,