Newsletter: 16/12/31: Happy New Year and meeting in 1 week (January 6)

Hi everyone,

I wish you a happy New Year. I hope you have a safe, happy and prosperous 2017. Enjoy your family and friends; do well at your jobs, studies or retirement; write prolifically and playfully; and accomplish the goals you set out for yourself this year. I wish you success and joy.

I hope you accomplished what you wanted in 2016 and had a merry, family- and friend-filled, and generous Christmas.

Keep writing in mind. Ten minutes of writing or writing-prep (research, outlining, editing, et cetera) a day accomplishes wonders. One page (250 words) can lead to a 365 page book of prose, poetry, fiction or non-fiction by this time next year. Ten words can lead to a poem.

Some days this goal will be hard to meet or even start toward, but hang in there. Your style, voice and enjoyment builds as you practise. I like to write just before I go to bed, but some of my best writing is in the morning or early afternoon. Some days ten minutes will not be enough; I’m actually betting on that. If you are in the flow or zone, go with it. Write in that flow for as long as you can or want. End on a cliffhanger so when you begin next day, you begin with something to solve.

If you need something to write, remember we always have prompts to help you get those juices pouring.

Our next meeting is in seven days, next Friday, January 6, in the Council Chamber of the Tofield Town Office, at 7:00 pm. I hope to see you then, ready to conquer your writing and enjoy the supportive community of like-minded friends and colleagues.

Have a happy New Year, enjoy the fireworks if you watch them, and keep writing,