Newsletter: 16/10/30: Happy Halloween and Write Group Meeting on Friday

Hihihihihi-low everybody,

Welc-oooo-me to the Hallow-eee-n Write Group meeting and newsletter. Be scared. Yahahahahahaha.

We Begin With Our Last Meeting

What a meeting we had earlier this month. Two new members joined us. We shared poems and stories and talked about life-experiences and our writing. There is something solemn and energizing about listening to others’ stories and writing. And something stirring about sharing your own. At the end of the meeting I offered prompts I had archived from previous October meetings. (I have been slowly posting previous Write Group meeting prompts to our blog.) And we engaged in an exciting writing exercise, one of our Halloween exercise/prompts, entitled Weaving a Scary Tale, offered some years ago.

This was a fun exercise. Cards were passed around with first or last lines on them. We each took five minutes to write the beginning of a story on these cards. Then the cards were exchanged (clockwise) and new cards were handed out. We had to continue the story from the passed first card while including the twist or line from the second. And this continued until the first card and its successors returned to the original writer. We each ended up with a full short story fitting for Halloween and written by all of us. Of course, we were excited to read them aloud; I think everyone smiled. It was fun not only to create a story but to interact and have a complete story to take home.

November Observances

November is National Novel Writing Month and National Blog Posting Month. If you ever thought about writing a novel or a blog, this is the month for you. There is nothing like starting things to get them done and inspire your imagination. November is also Digital Writing, Academic Writing, Family Stories and Non-fiction November month. This is the month to also write Santa; we may no longer list things we want, but we can write about or to the spirit of the season. The month celebrates books, young readers, authors, writing, clichés, puns, tongue twisters (get those tongues alliterating), listening, pencils and storytelling.

And if you are looking for alternatives to National Novel Writing and National Blog Posting Month, you may consider these November writing challenges (the third item) or any of our previous Write Group November prompts.

Meeting On Friday

Our next meeting is this Friday, November 4. Again it is in the Council Chamber of the Tofield Town Office at 7:00 PM. Hopefully, the alarm won’t go off this time. The chance of this happening again is reason enough to show up for our meeting. I have to tell you I was a bit surprised the RCMP did not show up to check on us miscreants. Anyway we run until we want to leave, no later than 9:00 PM.

If you have any scary stories, or even stories about Thanksgiving or the transition of Autumn, please bring those along. Of course, other works are welcome. And you are welcome to sit in and enjoy our stories, poems and non-fiction if you have nothing you want to share. Come see what we are about.

Next Meeting

Our December meeting is December 2. It is the time of year to start thinking about Winter and Christmas. You might want to bring Winter stories or perhaps Christmas ones, though we can also use our January meeting to share these.

Our Blog

I am working on posting previous meeting prompts on our blog. I have a pile of these that I am slowly sorting and uploading. Some of you may have noticed I have not updated our competition posts yet this year. There seems little interest in these, so I am spending my time fleshing out other corners of our blog. If you are interested in updates to these pages (they will be updated some time), I can work on them right away.

I hope you can make it to the Write Group meeting on Friday. In the meantime, get in the Halloween mood with this interactive Google Doodle and enjoy Halloween tomorrow night (don’t scare too many of the ghosts and witches).

Keep safe and keep writing,