Newsletter: 16/10/4: Welcome to the Write Group

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the Write Group.

Story has always been a keystone of my life. I still remember stories and poems my parents read to me and I later read to them and to myself. I can’t remember when I first began writing; my first memories of writing already have my writing well developed, and of course it was full of story. It was perhaps in Grade 2 after my class toured a zoo in Baden-Baden when I wrote a riveting tale about the animals I saw. I was so excited to read my story to my Dad and Mom. I still remember the feeling. I learned then that words required spaces between them. I don’t know if I ever got to read my story to my parents.

The Write Group is 45 this year. It started with two people getting together and deciding to form a club that supports, inspires and encourages writers with their writing. We are now 27 strong — with at least 4 more who are interested in checking us out, still a drop in the bucket of all the writers in the Tofield area. And we have grown, as I did with my writing since that zoo, to include many services.

Many of us are just beginning to write. That’s great. I am sure you will enjoy creating and expressing your thoughts and imagination, hopefully with better success than I had with my zoo story. Many of us have published some of our work — poems, short stories, essays, novels, memoirs and blogs. And most of us are between these milestones. Enjoy the journey; write the roses.

All are welcome. All are supported. We function to provide you community and guide you through your writing journey. We are writers sharing and talking about writing, our credo and our vision.

Next Meeting (This Friday)

Our next meeting is this Friday at 7 pm in the Tofield Town Office (same building as the Municipal Library). We go until we tire, up to 9 pm. Our meetings are a fun two or fewer hours every month. And the more people who attend and participate the more fun each meeting is. It is really about community. Four of us met last month for our first meeting, including one of those who signed up at this year’s Don’t Hibernate Fair this year. We all shared our stories, talked and had fun.

Edmonton International LitFest

Our next meeting after Friday is November 4. Between these meetings Edmonton is hosting LitFest, an international literary festival featuring author readings and workshops for writers. The focus is on non-fiction writing, one of the few events that truly features non-fiction. The festival starts on October 13 and runs to October 23.

Monthly Roundup

I have collated all things — contests, observances, events, prompts and courses — happening this month on the Monthly Roundup page of our blog.

For an archive of Write Group meeting prompts and other prompts, refer to the prompts page on our blog. I am still updating the October and November contest and prompt pages, but these should be up before Friday. You should be aware that November is a big month in the writing world. This is the month to write that novel or work on that blog or non-fiction, to tell family stories or do some academic or digital writing. Or it is that month to skip all of that and try something different. Either way, October is the month to prepare for November’s offerings.

Speaking of blogs, ours turned two yesterday.

With time, as you participate in our meetings, you will come to value the feel of the Write Group. When you do, the Write Group is running a competition of its own. Check out our Logo Contest for details. If your creativity goes beyond writing, perhaps a little drawing will satisfy your urge to create.

Welcome Archive

If you are interested in previous Write Group welcome newsletters, check out our archive of them (listed at the bottom of the page) in our newsletter archive.

Come Visit Us On Friday

Thank you for being a vital part of the Write Group. We look forward to seeing you in the Tofield Town Hall at 7 pm this Friday. Oh, and happy Thanksgiving.

Keep writing,