Newsletter: 16/6/10: Thank you, everyone

Hi everyone,

Last week was our last Write Group meeting until September. Thank you for the great year.

Last Meeting and New Members

Out last meeting was a great session. Four people attended and we gained a new member. We gained a second member a couple of months ago as well. Both hesitantly attended their first meeting but eagerly signed up by the end of the meeting. Fortunately, we had a few people participate each of these days, so we made a good impression. Meetings always run better when there are more people present to share and talk about writing. There is a definite sense of community and common purpose. And the time flies by, unfortunately, much too quickly.

When Should We Meet?

Last month, I asked you whether you would prefer to meet on a day other than Wednesday. The responses I have received so far indicate that Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday are preferred days for meeting; the other days have some scheduling conflict or are Saturday or Sunday. Of the preferred days, Friday is most preferred.

If you would like a say, to contribute to this discussion and to pick a different day, please take a minute or two to fill in our brief survey. I would really like to find a day that most of us prefer to meet before I approach the Town to ask for a day change. In summary, this is what we do at the meetings. The emphasis is sharing stories, poems and articles and commenting on these.

Prompt-based Collaborative Book

Last month, I also asked you if you would be interested next year in writing a collaborative book collated from responses to a series of prompts that would run through the year. This would emulate what the Writers Circle of the Writers Foundation of Strathcona County did to great success, particularly in participant bonding and pride. We would have to create and agree on prompts or prompt sets that would inspire us as prose writers and poets in all fiction and non-fiction genres. So far four people have inquired about this project, but we need most of us involved to do the project justice. Please e-mail me back and let me know whether or not you would like to work on this collaborative group project.

Blog Update

Finally, I am nearly done the skeleton of our blog. I have to confirm and type up the July and August competitions and August events. I have also started a Monthly Roundup under our Events tab to provide you with a one-stop preview of what is happening each month. This will be particularly helpful in finding month-specific events since I posted these as they came rather in monthly lists. I am also continuously adding prompts, particularly those used in earlier years of the Write Group, and I have to add the newsletters, which are currently archived in our Gmail account. Over the summer I also want to check our listed competitions against their information again and against known scams to weed out the bad contests and those which are no longer available to us (this year several US-based competitions closed their international scope to a US-only one).

I hope this will all create a great blog resource and a complement to our others for your use.

Until September

I look forward to your responses to the survey and your RSVP for the collaborative book project. Have a great and creative summer.

Keep writing,