Newsletter: 16/2/29: Write Group March Meeting On Wednesday

Hi everyone.

I hope you enjoyed your leap day today. We had a great week at the Write Group. I like to thank those of you who attended DG’s book reading last Wednesday. DG gave a terrific reading and even better Q&A on writing, publishing and marketing his book. He covered topics from his design and development of his book cover to the ins and outs of today’s marketing and publishing industries with many specific details related to his book. It really looks like traditional publishing is losing ground and self-publishing is taking its place. But the big message if you want to create a following is to deliver your best work, properly formatted, edited and proofread.

Congratulations to DG for a successful reading.

This Wednesday, in the Tofield Town Office at 7:00 pm, is our next Write Group meeting. It is March which observes oral storytelling, listening awareness, writing in many forms (scrapbooks, folktales, fables, poetry and e-books), the pencil, literacy and English usage (grammar and proofreading).

But more importantly, this week is Celebrate Your Name week. And that leads to this month’s writing prompt. This one is an oldy and we have done it before. But if you want to learn why you were named the name you were and what your name means, this non-fiction prompt might be the one for you.

You can find the prompt and my response to it in my writing blog. Alternatively, you can choose to write a fan folktale or fable (more) or perhaps a poem. One of the tips in the folktale guideline is to write instead of think when looking at a blank page. This is similar to a quickwrite, is good advice for any writing and works best when you are in a folktale mood when you sit down to write your folktale; reading folktales helps.

I am a little behind, but I am updating this month’s observance and contest (not yet made) posts on our blog. These should be ready by Wednesday.

Until then, keep writing,