Newsletter: 16/2/24: DG’s Reading is tonight (reminder)

Hi everyone,

Wow. I am so excited. I just completed a webinar on author e-mail lists an hour ago. And tonight I am attending and participating in DG’s reading at the Tofield Library at 7:00 pm. In addition, in preparation for tonight, I am writing a post on editing DG’s novel; this will appear on our blog later today.

This is just a reminder that DG is reading from Sapling: The Blade of Ahtol at 7:00 pm in the Tofield Municipal Library, then answering any questions you might have on his book, his writing and his experience with publishing and marketing his novel. I will also be there to answer questions about us — the Write Group — and editing DG’s book.

We are excited about this first for us and our group, and hope you will join us tonight. Please, come support DG. If you have friends or family who might also be interested, they too are welcome.

Until tonight, have a great day and keep writing,