Newsletter: 16/2/3: Write Group meeting tonight

Hi everyone,

I hope you are enjoying the nice weather we have had the last week or so. Also, as some of you may have known, five planets — Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn — and the moon have been lining the sky from the south east to the west a half hour or so before dawn. They can be seen with the naked eye, but even binoculars can make out the rings of Saturn and the four large moons of Jupiter. Telescopes can see these clearer.

This is one of those months when the observances follow a set of themes. This month the themes encourage reading, storytelling, letter writing and visiting your local library. (Of course, we cannot forget Groundhog Day and Valentine’s Day.) This is propitious since DG is reading from his new book at the Tofield Library this month. That combines reading, storytelling and library visits. DG is also donating a book to the Tofield School library; he already donated one to the Tofield Library. So he will also be observing International Book Giving Day occurring this month. I hope you can come to the Tofield Library on February 24 and support DG as he reads from his book. You can help him storytell, read and donate his book. In addition, you will be visiting the library.

Today, I thought I would start something new. Instead of retyping this month’s newsletter from our blog, I thought I would link to the appropriate sections. There are, as mentioned, several writing observances this month, as well as several standing competitions and February-specific competitions that have deadlines in February. I have also posted March’s competitions on our blog as several due dates are on March 1. Finally, I will base this month’s writing prompt on this month’s observances.

I have three prompts in mind. Choose one and take it where it leads you.

1) Write something — a poem, a story or a piece of non-fiction — that involves reading, writing a letter, storytelling and/or visiting a library, essentially the themes of this month’s observances. Don’t just use the words nor add them as asides to what you are writing, but like the observances make these cues the themes of your work.

2) Write something, like above, that involves Valentine’s Day, Groundhog Day or another importance observance or anniversary this month. Better yet, combine this prompt with the last one and see what you get.

3) Doodle. Doodle Day is also observed this month. Though this is not specific to writing I mention it due to the juxtaposition between writing and doodling. So doodle and share your doodle(s) with the group at our next meeting on March 2. Alternatively, combine this prompt with our Write Group Logo Contest which I hope some of you will participate in. There are several reasons for this contest, but mainly I wanted to provide something we could do together and have fun with. On a selfish note, our group also gets a great, member-generated logo. So come doodle and give us a new look.

Our next meeting is tonight. Yep, tonight, at 7:00 pm in the Council Chamber of the Tofield Town Office. I hope to see you there and look forward to sharing stories, poems and other writings, and discussing writing in general.

Until tonight, enjoy the day and keep writing,