Newsletter: 15/12/1: Write Group Meeting tomorrow 7 pm

Hi everyone,

I hope you are faring well with the blankets of snow and shorter days occasionally nipping at your toes and ears. It is December 1 and winter has finally settled in.

Blog Updates

I have been busy here. I am taking a couple of online courses on global warming and editing DG’s second book, Sapling: The Broken Halls. I am also updating our Write Group blog. You will now find competition posts. I am adding these as we approach each corresponding month.

Published? Have a website or blog? Won any competitions? Want to write or post on our blog?

I know that some of you have blogs or other websites. I also know that some of you have published some of your writing, or entered and perhaps won some writing competitions, whether fiction, non-fiction, short work, novel or poem. I would like to add a page, and possibly posts, listing these. May you please e-mail me anything you would like to share?

Also, we host member pages and posting space. If you want a page introducing you and perhaps linking to blogs, websites or other work you have online, please contact me and I will set you up. This set up could be as simple as a single page introducing you (see what others have done) or access to the blog so you can post under your name or handle. And of course I would be happy to help and support you as you delve into online writing.

I hope to provide a centralized place where people can look to find our work. Of course, it will benefit the Write Group — and you — if your work is linked to our group.

Donation of Books

This year has been very generous to our members. DG and NH published over the Summer, that I know of. DG has generously donated a print copy of his first book, Sapling: The Blade of Ahtol, to the Tofield Municipal Library. I will giving DG’s book to the library tomorrow evening in his name and the Write Group‘s. I will donate a second print copy of the book for DG to the Tofield School library once I obtain it. I have a book, What Happens in the Barn?, from NH as well, which, when I obtain her praise, I will also donate to the Municipal Library.

I think DG and NH should be proud of their accomplishment, and the donations are a nice observance of their publication. It will also give the community publications from local writers and may inspire others here to write and publish as well. I particularly have high hopes for the book donated to Tofield School.

Invitation to Meeting Tomorrow

Our next Write Group meeting is tomorrow night, ​Wednesday, December 2. We gather again in the Council Chamber of the Tofield Town Office at 7:00 pm and run until we leave, 9:00 pm at the latest. The people who regularly participate in the meetings will not be able to make it tomorrow, so if you have been thinking about it and have not tried yet, or if you want to visit again, please come over. The seats are cushioned, the lights bright and the people friendly. You don’t have to bring something to share, but anything you want to share and possibly get critiqued is welcome. The night is much more fun if several people bring works to share. Remember, if it is written, it is welcome. We support all genres and forms of writing.

If you have any questions about our group and meetings, please e-mail me. I will gladly help you.

Until next we meet, keep writing,

PS: Our next meeting after tomorrow in January 6. Same time, same place, same fun.