Newsletter: 15/9/4: First Write Group Meeting Tonight

Hi everyone,

We have begun. The Don’t Hibernate Fair is over. We interested two new writers who may want to join us. Now our first meeting is upon us.

We are meeting tonight at 7:00 pm in the Council Chamber of the Tofield Town Office (same building as the Tofield Library). As usual, we run up to two hours.

Next month we will return to our First Wednesday schedule. However, I talked to one of our members who cannot make it on Wednesdays. I know others of you are in the same boat. So again, after tonight, I am going to send a poll out with two questions on it: when can you and would prefer to meet? and when can you not and prefer we not meet? Please think about these questions. If we can find a day which suits everyone, no one would then miss out.

Until tonight, have a great day,