Newsletter: 15/8/25: Welcome back

Hi everyone,

That time of year has come again. We are about to begin the Write Group‘s 44th year of writing, sharing, support and talking about writing.

Here is to Success, and Congratulations

I hope you are all having a great Summer. With a month of it still remaining, let’s make it a successful one. This Summer has seen great success already. I would like to congratulate DG for publishing his epic fantasy, Sapling: The Blade of Ahtol. You can find his book on Amazon.

Our First Meeting

If I can arrange it, would you like our first meeting to be Friday, September 4, instead of Wednesday, September 2?

Tofield’s Don’t Hibernate Fair is Thursday, September 3. It would be nice to invite anyone interested in our writing club to join us the next day rather than tell them they missed the first meeting the day before and invite them to a meeting a month after recruitment.

Pending your responses, until we make this change, our first meeting this year is in eight days, on Wednesday, September 2, in the Tofield Town Office, at 7:00 pm. It lasts up to a couple of hours. Food is allowed. Bring your stories, poems, articles, blog posts, columns and other writing.


I have already e-mailed some special writing competitions that occurred over the Summer or that will deadline by September 1. I am placing all competitions on our blog, so you can reference them anytime at your convenience.

Do you like to draw or design? Our Write Group Logo Competition is still open. I would like your ideas or designs. What should our logo say about us? Can you make one for our club?

And that is it. I hope to see many of you on Thursday and either Wednesday or Friday next week. Let’s make this a great year.

Happy 44th and keep writing,