Newsletter: 15/5/14: A New Kind of Fiction Writing Contest (Sign ups close TOMORROW)

Hi everyone,

About ten minutes ago I received an e-mail regarding the following contest from one of our resources. And whoo hoo, they would like a response by tomorrow. The best part about this contest is that you are guaranteed peer review, help, feedback and publication. Your name and your work get out there.

So, I am passing this e-mail onto you. I wish you luck in this contest if you choose to enter and with your writing in general. This year has seen much success in our club. I hope that luck continues.

Keep writing,

From: Joe from The Write Practice joebunting@thewritepractice.com
Date: Thu, May 14, 2015 at 10:41 PM
Subject: A New Kind of Fiction Writing Contest (Sign ups close TOMORROW)
To: tofieldwriters@gmail.com

Hey there!

As you might have heard, this week we’re kicking off a new writing contest that I’m really excited about!

Wordhaus Fiction Writing Contest
May 2015

If you know anything about The Write Practice, you know that we do things a little differently, and the writing contest I want to tell you about is more exciting for writers than any other contest out there.

we’re teaming up with the awesome folks over at Wordhaus literary magazine to give you a new way to get your best writing out there.

I’ve participated in a fair number of writing contests, and honestly, I’ve always left feeling disappointed. Even when my stories have done well, I felt like there was a barrier between me and the judges.

I could never understand why some stories did well, while others seemingly were passed over thoughtlessly.

We wanted our contest to be different.

A Writing Contest You Can’t Lose

That’s why we decided to host a writing contest that was different in three important ways:

  • Everyone who enters gets published
  • Everyone who enters gets personalized feedback
  • Every writer gets premium coaching to help them write the best story they’re capable of

In other words, the Wordhaus Writing Contest isn’t just about choosing winners and losers.

This contest will help you become a better writer.

How to Enter the Writing Contest

So how does it work?

Entrants are asked to write a genre based short story up to 1,500 words long based on the contest’s theme, tipping point — that moment that changes everything, when a character is forced to make a decision, take a stand, or do something he or she usually would not. A moment that changes his or her entire life.

You will then workshop your story within the Becoming Writer community, getting personalized feedback to help you make your story better.

After workshopping your story within the Becoming Writer community, you can submit your story to the contest.

Judges from our partner literary magazine, Wordhaus, will then choose five winners and five runners-up from each of the contest’s genres (thriller, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and romance) and one overall winner.

While all submitted stories will be published on Wordhaus.com, the five winners from each genre and five runners-up will receive a featured spot on the magazine, and the grand prize winning story will be published here on The Write Practice, live in front of our thousands of readers.

Any questions? Feel free to hit reply and let me know.

Hope to see you and your story in the writing contest!

To you and your stories,
Joe from The Write Practice

Click here to see all the details of the Wordhaus Writing Contest.