Newsletter: 15/5/5: Why a writing club and May meeting tomorrow night

Hi everyone,

Today we celebrate three observances in writing that most of us have been influenced, possibly deeply, by: Cartoonist’s Day, Postcard Week, and, in Canada, Children’s Book Week. In fact, some of us may have chosen to including writing in our lives partly because of the influence of at least one of these observances. You can learn more about the observances on our blog.

With regard to Children’s Book Week, I have known my fair share of children’s book writers and illustrators and congratulate their work. We also have children’s book writers in our group (VA and NH, for two), so I would like to wish you prosperity and joy in this vital and imaginative side of our calling.

I thought that I would take this moment to send you a virtual postcard inviting you to tomorrow night’s Write Group meeting, and I thought you might enjoy a brief story about how influential a writing club like ours can be.

Today is the 151st birthday of Nellie Bly, an American who did much to advance the suffrage movement in the United States. We had a Nellie, part of the Alberta Famous Five, who lived in Edmonton and advanced the suffrage movement in Canada. Why do I bring this up? I once was in a writing club in Edmonton that had one writer who was blocked on a historical novel about Nellie McClung. Since it was a historical novel, she wrote it in far-past tense but wrote some action-driven chapters in present tense. The combination was chaotic and stumped her. The group suggested that she write the novel from the point of view of a participant who experienced the events. This way she could write in far-past and present tense. The novel spawned a play and both were successful. Plus several artifacts mentioned in the novel — unfortunately, not a significant railway bridge spike associated with McClung — were because of this novel collected in Edmonton and are now in the archives.

Writing groups offer more than sharing works in progress. We support and help each other with our writing and inspire each other to higher levels of creation.

Our next Write Group meeting is tomorrow night at 7:00 pm in the Council Chamber of the Tofield Town Office (same building as the Tofield Library).

See you tomorrow and keep writing,