Newsletter: 15/4/1: April Newsletter — as requested

Hi everyone,

Most of the information that goes into the newsletters I present at our meetings is posted on our blog. Some of it — the contests for instance — will be posted soon; I am building the bank with each newsletter. I hope to have the entire content initially completed by Summer. Then you can access this information any time any place instead of waiting for me to supply it.

At tonight’s meeting, I was asked to e-mail this month’s newsletter. For those of you who have missed the last several meetings, I have presented the newsletter as a handout for a while now. The letter has become rather large, with observance, contest (four segments), event and prompt sections in it. I am attaching this month’s newsletter as a PDF document. This newsletter is typical of those I compile from our blog and other sources each month.

One of the sections on our blog will be a Newsletter archive, where you will find all our newsletters. This will be one of the last new sections I create.

After the initial download of information, the blog will simply have to be maintained and built upon. Posts will mostly further inspirational, craft, interest and member pieces.

Enjoy and keep writing,

Content of a typical newsletter (April newsletter as an example)

Link: Next Meeting (May)
Link: April Observances
Link: April (and May) Events
Link: Standing Competitions
Link: Logo Competition
Link: April Competitions
Link: May Competitions
Link: April Prompt (other prompts also offered)

[Update: All of this material is now easily accessed from our Monthly Roundup page.]