Newsletter: 15/3/2: The Write Group Meets Wednesday Night

Hi everyone,

Restrictions have a double edge. They can censor you, wall you in and hamper your perception of options and possibility. Nine houses are slated to be built behind my house, restricting the view I have of the Beaver Hills and Ketchamoot Creek valley. The view is inspirational with its undulating and creased landscape and horizons. It is those layers of horizons, of possibility, that I will miss. This is the state of the prewriting, brainstorming work in progress. On the other hand, restrictions, like a map, can guide you, free you from indecision and distraction, and challenge you to engage in the options and possibility of the path ahead of you. Without restrictions, writing is impossible.

If you find writing difficult, perhaps you need to add restrictions, or perhaps you need to combine ideas so creating a richer, more complex restriction map that you can explore.

We are writers at various stages interested in various genres. We have members who are about to publish, members who are just starting out and members spread between these two extremes. Our needs are many and sometimes we need help. That is the advantage of the Write Group. We can help each other. We are a community of writers sharing and talking about writing. We have questions and we have suggestions. We even throw in a prompt, an exercise, an event or a contest every month. Mostly though, we are a community of people passionate about writing and sharing our writing and expertise.

Our next Write Group meeting is this Wednesday, March 4, at 7:00 pm in the Tofield Town Office. We hope to see you there.

Until then, and after, keep writing,