Newsletter: 15/2/1: Write Group Meeting this Wednesday, Feb. 4

Hi everyone,

I hope you took advantage of last month’s warm temperatures. Some of you may have seen a crazy man lurking through the streets with a camera. That wasn’t me. I was the friendly one. I took an online course on photography and spent a couple of days taking photos around town.

Photography is similar to writing in many ways. What we choose to photograph, the vantage point of our camera and eyes, how we compose and frame the photo, what we choose to exclude from it, what we choose to focus on, how much light we wish to let into our lens, what direction we choose to have that light come from and the story we want to tell with our photo, all of this is similar to what we do with words. Imagination is a powerful storyteller. Each choice in diction and syntax, even punctuation, colours our stories, poems and essays. It is all subject, and so all fiction. Even nonfiction has a mortar of fiction in it. So, what did our words capture? How did we do?

Come find out this Wednesday at our next Write Group meeting. We meet as usual in the Council Chamber of the Tofield Town Office (library building) at 7:00 pm. Come share your stories, your poems, your posts and essays. Come learn from and hear the stories of others. Take the night off and get engrossed in sharing and talking about writing.

February is all about libraries and letters and tongue twisters. Start out the month on a positive foot by meeting beside the Tofield Library and sharing the love of words and thoughts. And if you happen to create a few tongue twisters to share, no one will complain.

I look forward to seeing you Wednesday night. Until then

Keep writing,