Newsletter: 14/11/30: Write Group Meeting on Wednesday

Hi everyone,

Writer’s block can trap the best of us. We write along and then we hit a wall. What happened? Where did this wall come from? It’s sort of like this recent snowfall, isn’t it? It fell. We were trapped. Then we had to dig ourselves out. My family finally burrowed a trail wide enough to fit our minivan to escape our house. The drifts to either side of this trail are quite towering. (Our house is situated just right to get the brunt of the prevalent winds and the fine precipitate they carry.) Of course, now, our cul-de-sac is snowed in, so, until late yesterday, with only our short trail cleared, we couldn’t drive our minivan very far. Since yesterday, however, our neighbours have done a splendid job compacting the cul-de-sac snow; we all stepped in to push the first vehicles to attempt a run until they got to the main road. So, we just have to be careful how we drive down our road, at least until the Town decides to plow us out.

Writer’s block hits us when the restrictions our writing has placed on itself outweigh our imaginations’ ability to pull us forward. Usually, this this happens when we made a mistake further back in our story. We turned right when it would have been more creative to turn left.

There are many ways around this. Quickwrites or prompts can bring the fun back into writing and reawaken our creativity and imaginations. Writing across our story’s rules — that is, adding an unexpected element, perhaps a character like none other or a setting that evokes exploration — can also dig us out of our blocks. Going back and seeing if we can find were we feel less comfortable with what we wrote can pin point where we turned in the wrong direction. In this latest snow, we had to dig our way through our drive to the cul-de-sac, then our neighbours banded together and pushed vehicles and compacted our cul-de-sac and eventually the Town will remember us and we will be able to drive freely and smoothly to places we need to go and can imagine going to. Brute force, and inspiration and help from others can melt our writer’s block too.

Our next Write Group meeting is this Wednesday, December 3, at 7:00 pm in the Tofield Town Office (same building as the Tofield Library).

I hope you have been able to dig yourselves out of the recent snow and look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.

Until then, keep writing, draw us a logo and stay warm,