Newsletter: 14/11/3: Write Group Meeting in 2 Days

Hi everyone,

I meant to e-mail you on Saturday, but got busy working on our blog. Check it out; it’s coming along.

I hope you had a great Halloween. My favourite part is the decorating. I don’t do much, but the decorating certainly gets me in the Halloween spirit.

Writing is sort of like decorating, isn’t it? We flesh out our ideas in sensual words and sentences. Our paragraphs become sights and sounds and smells. And the more we write, the more intricate and magical the work we produce.

November and April are special months in the writing world. November is National Novel Writing Month and National Blog Posting Month. April is National Poetry Writing Month. But we don’t have to stick to these three challenges. There are alternatives we can pursue. And one’s definition of novel can be pretty subjective. It could even be a compendium of related stories or poems, or even a graphic novel.

[Update: May is similarly special, being National Short Story Month.]

This all leads to our next Write Group meeting, which is this Wednesday, in two days. We meet on November 5 at 7:00 pm in the Council Chamber of the Tofield Town Office (same building as the Tofield Library).

While I have your attention, I have news on the search for a new day front. I have not had much response to my query, but it appears that Thursday to Sunday (and Holiday Monday) is out of the race. Tuesdays and Wednesdays, particularly the first and third ones, are the clear candidates. And by one vote, Tuesday wins out.

So, my question to you, if I can arrange it, would you like to meeting on Tuesday instead of Wednesday, and if so which one? (Responses would be appreciated, so I can move on this.)

And, finally, I know you are creative. And I know you occasionally like to draw or doodle. So, why not create a logo for us? We have two entries in our Logo Contest, and they are from me. I invite you to submit your own entries. Let’s get together and have a friendly competition. Check out the contest and the candidates so far. Then make your entry for our group. Simply submit it to me and I will post it on our blog for voting.

Thank you for making the Write Group such a fun club. Come to our meeting Wednesday and let’s trade stories and poems and articles.

Keep writing,