Newsletter: 14/10/2: A few Write Group issues

Hi everyone,

We had our second meeting tonight and a few items came up.


First, several of us cannot meet on Wednesdays. This is a common problem at the beginning of each year, but this year more people are affected.

I have a survey on our blog asking you when you can meet, when you prefer to meet and when you can not meet? However, it is easier for me to ask you directly here. The goal is to find a day that accommodates most and hopefully all of us, and that is acceptable by the Town. Here I would like to find out where you stand in this issue.

Q) When can you meet? When would you prefer to meet? When can’t you meet?

Monday? Tuesday? Wednesday? Thursday? Friday? Saturday? Sunday? In the first week of each month? In the second week? The third week? The fourth week?

Are you free any day? Or would you prefer not participating in meetings?

PLUG) There are three big advantages to meeting: the interaction and sense of community you get with other writers, the experience of telling and listening to stories (in various forms, genres and styles), and the feedback, sometimes critique, you get from amiable peers. You can’t get any of these from newsletters.

I would appreciate if each of you responded to this request for feedback. I can’t make any decision without knowing what you want.


Since our Wiki is nearly all down, and I have yet to add things to our blog, I attached to this e-mail a concise newsletter containing observances and contests for October and contests for November. There are no immediate events this month, so that was not added. For more news, check out the links in our About tab of our Google page.

Some highlights: Our next meeting is November 5, unless we make some scheduling changes (get your responses to me, please). The prompt for this month is to write something related to the season, whether Autumn, Thanksgiving, Halloween or a similar topic. We will share these on November 5, along with sharing limericks we wrote as suggested by AS [I think; this person never signed up anywhere. Drop-ins are welcome.] at our first meeting. Perhaps a Halloween limerick? The reason this prompt is October-centric is to get you in the October mood while you are responding to the prompt this month.

Our New Blog

I will let you know when our blog is up and running. It will remain a work in progress as it will be added to each month. This blog is set up so we can all contribute. Like our Wiki, it will have members sections, which would be your own place to share your ideas and work with the World. Participation and inclusion in this space is completely voluntary. Some of us would prefer not to be on the Internet.

The Write Group Logo Contest

Yes, it’s back and we have three entries (attached): the old logo, which will be replaced, and two entries. You can see these entries, and any new ones (960×260) submitted to me, in the header of our blog. Just refresh the view and a new entry should appear. Soon there will a description of the second entry on our blog. Make your mark and tap into your imagination. Design a logo for us and enter it into our contest.

And that is about it.

Have a great week and keep writing,