Newsletter: 14/9/29: Write Group Meeting on Wednesday, October 1

Hello everyone,

I did not get a chance to properly welcome you to the Write Group earlier this month as I came down with a cold and had to miss our first meeting and drop my welcome newsletter and September wiki updates.

Welcome! Welcome to the worlds and writings of the Write Group. We are a club, a group of people who love writing and meet once a month to share our passion. We have novelists, poets, short story writers, historians, journalists, essayists and bloggers in our ranks. Some of us are old hats at writing. Some of us are just beginning. What we all have in common is that we are storytellers.

And that is the crux of our little group — we number 23 at last count by the way. That is 23 writers right here in and around Tofield. We are, as our credo states, writers sharing and talking about writing. We are a community of storytellers, and what we do at our meetings is tell stories, stories in fiction, stories in essay, poems, prose, any genre, any form. Looking for a sense of belonging, camaraderie and mentorship, for people to share your writing with? The Write Group offers that. Our wiki has a list of things we do regularly. Most of all we have fun.

I understand from the reports I received from those who participated at our first meeting earlier this month, that it was a great success. We even had a prompt challenge to write limericks to share this Wednesday. I am struggling with mine, I must admit, but I’m looking forward to hearing the creative limericks of others. There were five to six people at our first meeting. I hope we can maintain that number throughout the year. Our meetings are so much richer and more enjoyable when more people participate and share their stories. I also like the idea that prompts come from more than one source; variety makes for great writing and storytelling.

There have been a couple of changes since our last meeting. First, Wikispaces is no longer going to host our wiki. It has decided to concentrate on offering wikis for education or pay. We don’t qualify for either, so you will notice our wiki is reduced to a bare minimum. By mid-October, it will disappear. In its place, I am erecting a blog. You will notice if you visit this blog, it is blank at the moment. I plan to import our wiki into the blog, add an archive of all our newsletters and establish a means by which any of us can add posts and media.

So, what do you want out of your Write Group? What should you bring to a Write Group meeting? Bring things you have written and want to share. Bring your ideas for improving the group. Bring paper and some writing utensil or a computer or mobile device — we might have news or a writing exercise or a prompt to take home if you are interested. Most of all just come and check us out.

I hope you participate regularly at our meetings. Our next meeting is this Wednesday, October 1, at 7 pm, in the Council Chamber of the Tofield Town Office (same building as the Tofield Library). We meet regularly on the first Wednesday of each month.

I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday. Enjoy this nice weather and keep writing,