Newsletter: 14/9/5: Welcome back

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to an exciting new year of writing and community. I hope you each had a great summer and a relaxing Labour Day weekend. To those of you returning to school or university – be you student or teacher – welcome back also to another school year. I hope you succeed in your learning and teaching endeavours.

The Write Group is ready to take off. I am working on our wiki today in anticipation of tonight’s Don’t Hibernate Fair in the Tofield Community Hall. I hope to see some of you there; it starts at 6:30 pm. If you have friends you think might like to join our group, please have them drop by, contact me (via this e-mail) or join us at our first meeting.

Our first meeting has been moved back to Thursday, September 11, 7-9 pm, due to Town meetings and other agendas. We meet as always in the Council Chamber of the Tofield Town Office. Usually we meet on the first Wednesday of every month. (If you would rather meet on another day or week, let me know using the poll provided on our wiki. Actually, I would appreciate a quick response even if you like the first Wednesdays so I get a full picture of your preference.)

I hope to see many of you at our first meeting next Thursday, in a week. I am beginning to forget who belongs to all these names. Most of all though, I hope you keep up with your writing, in whatever form or genre you write in. Remember the club is here to share with and support you, but the fun occurs between the meetings when you lose yourself in the flow of writing. I learned that the best way to do this is to commit to 10 minutes of writing a day; usually you will do more, but 10 minutes is a friendly amount of time to commit.

If you are looking for something to write to share on Thursday, perhaps you can pick a prompt from our prompt page. Surprise us with your creativity. Remember any form or genre of writing is encouraged.

Thanks for participating in the Write Group.

Let’s have a great fun year, everyone, and keep writing,

Update: I am back with some great news. I had a great night at tonight’s Don’t Hibernate Fair and was able to interest five more people to try out the Write Group. Three others took pamphlets, so we may have eight new members. If these people become members, our number has risen to 23 from 18, with a possibility that we might be 26 strong. That is a lot of talent and interest for such a small community and area. I hope we make a good impression and have a great year.