Newsletter: 14/5/5: Write Group May Meeting on May 7 (two days)

Hi everyone,

Another month has swiftly come and another meeting is upon us. I hope you have all been enjoying the start of Spring as much as I. I’ve been busy in my garden, editing DG’s book and drawing pictures for my first stop motion video – 1800 images, gasp!

I’ve updated our Write Group Wiki, so new events and prompts are up. I have to update the competitions page still; I just received a list of new June competitions yesterday. The May competitions are up. You can also check our Contest Archives.

Once again, if you are interested in adding a personal page in our Wiki, I will re-invite you to join it and help you out. I will also format it for you so it is consistent with other member pages.

So, our next meeting is at 7:00 pm in two days, May 7, in the Council Chamber of the Tofield Town Office — plush chairs, ample lighting, creepy noises once in a while, and stories and poems galore; who could pass that up?

I hope to see you there.

This is our second last meeting. The last one until September is June 4.

By the way, this is the audio for my video: The Story Before the Writing. Yeah, my voice is not the most charismatic. I have an essay which goes with this audio; I’ll bring it on Wednesday.

I wish you all well, hope to see you on Wednesday and invite you to keep writing,

PS: Check out our Logo Competition (on our Competition page). We need more entries to make a good contest of this. It is a great way to participate in the Write Group, express your creativity and have fun. Your imagination is the limit. Thanks.