Newsletter: 14/1/28: February Meeting, Prompts, Courses, Competitions and More

Hi everyone,

An interesting thing happened to me this morning. I was touching up one of my oil paintings and I began anticipating painting on the deck again. That got me imagining my yard during the growing season. And that led to me envisioning birds visiting our bird feeders. In particular, I recalled a Stellar blue jay swooping toward one of our feeders a couple of Autumns ago, hitting it for less than a second and swooping off in the same direction again. What I recalled next brought a smile to my face. That swooping jay reminded me of a story I wrote when I was in elementary school about a jay harassing a squirrel in a spruce tree. I had completely forgotten about that story. I will have to search my papers and see if I can dig this story up.

And that is one of the whats that writing is all about.

February Meeting

We are meeting again on February 5, 7:00 pm, in the Council Chamber of the Tofield Town Office. If you haven’t attended yet this year, we would love to see you then and enjoy your poems or stories. There is plenty of room and good company. Paulette has me reading my Christmas story still; this will be my third night and I believe I have ten pages left.

Online Courses

I just started an online writing MOOC yesterday if anyone is interested. It is free and requires about thirty minutes a day to work on. The course, Stunt Writing for Personal Growth, includes prompts, lectures, readings and discussions designed to help you gain and build your skills in communicating your unique story, whether in prose or poem. It started yesterday, January 27, and ends on March 3.

Another MOOC, How to Read … a Mind: An Introduction to Understanding Literary Characters, starts on March 17 and runs to March 31. It explores the fictional mind and how we can improve our readers’ identification with our poetic and prosaic characters.

New Prompts and an Inventory

Speaking of prompts and our Wiki, I updated our Events, Prompts and Competition (and archive) pages on our Wiki. There are now many new prompts on our Prompts page. I think you will find these fun. I have also found more competitions for January, February and later months. There are still three competitions that you can enter in January. Actually, one of them is a group of different competitions. And February is chock full with different types of genres and forms of writing contests. If you wish to peek farther into the future, be sure to check out our Contest Archive page.

The Write Group is hosting a competition of our own: the Write Group Logo Competition for best letterhead logo for the Write Group. Our current logo drawing came from a Copy Zero clip image, but it has turned up on a few other sites as well. Therefore, we need a new, original logo to replace our old one. The logo should have our group name, The Write Group, and our group slogan, Picture the Purls Penned On Our Paper. It should also symbolize or represent writing in some way. Want your design as our logo? Enter the competition. Entry Fee: free. Deadline: February 5, before 4:00 pm. We will vote on the best logo at our February 5 meeting and on the Internet via a poll on our Wiki. I can’t wait to see what each of us comes up with.

Since it is January, I thought you might be interested in a Writer’s 2013 Inventory & 2014 Vision questionnaire. This is a chance for you to learn what you have accomplished and anticipate what you will accomplish in your writing.

Remember to check out our Wiki to explore the new updates. And remember to enter the Write Group Logo Competition and attend our next meeting in a week, on February 5.

Have fun and keep writing,