Newsletter: 13/12/29: Holiday Greetings and Special Competition

Happy Holidays everyone,

I hope you had a bountiful Christmas, filled with family, friends and laughter. Memories and the potential for more memories are the most precious gifts we could ever get.

In a couple of days, New Years Eve will be upon us and I hope the connections and relations continue.

Next Write Group Meeting

Our next Write Group meeting is January 8, the second Wednesday this month; the first Wednesday is January 1. I’m making a wild guess and assuming no one would attend that one.

I would like your assistance though. May you help me figure out what the best day for us to meet is? Have you been missing meetings because you are unable to attend them on Wednesdays? I asked this question back in September to address a scheduling problem, but just learned last meeting that even more of us cannot meet on Wednesdays than I realized.

I would like to accommodate as many people as possible so you can maximize your benefit from our group. Online material, resources and connection should complement, not replace, meetings. Meetings give the resources plus the joy of community (of connecting and being together), and of experiencing each other’s passion for our writing. Online material lacks that joy.

Please fill out the poll I created; question 2, particularly, is pertinent.

Special Internal Competition

I want to offer something special this month. We try to make our group and meetings as interactive as possible, so I have a competition to offer you.

The Write Group Logo Competition for best letterhead logo for the Write Group is now open. The drawing on our current logo came from a Copy Zero clip image, but it has turned up on a few other sites as well. Therefore, we need a new, original logo to replace our old one. The logo should have our group name, The Write Group, and our group slogan, Picture the Purls Penned On Our Paper. It should also symbolize or represent writing in some way. Are you creative in more ways than writing? Do you like to draw and design? Want your design as our logo? Enter the competition.

Our current logo is this. The line and feather sketch is the Copy Zero image. Design a logo for our group that excludes this particular sketch. (You can modify the style and placement of the other components and add your own as you like. You can start from scratch.) I would like to introduce the entries at our February meeting, February 5, so attendees can vote on their favourite. So the due date for entries is February 4; heck, I’ll still use any submitted on the morning of February 5.

Other Competitions

Our group Wiki has several competitions listed that might inspire you. Please check our competitions page for the list. I also added a contest archive page, since many competitions are periodic, usually annual. If you find competitions not listed on these pages and you think would interest some or all of us, please let us know. You can never have enough opportunities to compete, expose your writing and build your platform (writer’s resume).

Writing Prompts

Prompts inspire writing. They exercise your creativity, storytelling skills, imagination and writing skills. We have several prompts on our Wiki prompt page and on various sites cited in our Diigo. If ever you get stuck on a work you are in the middle of or just starting, prompts can simultaneously distract you and waken your creativity so that you can get back to the fun of writing rather than stall on the “need” to get particular writing done. Use prompts to get into the flow. In addition, consider using quickwrites, a similar inspirational tool.

Happy Holidays, have a great 2014 and keep writing,