Newsletter: 13/10/31: Happy Halloween and One Week to Our Third Meeting

Hi everyone,

Happy Halloween. I hope you get a lot of mummers, and ghouls and skeletons visiting you tonight. Too bad it started raining and blowing, though we have already received our first guests.

Have a great night.

Our next meeting is in six days, on November 6. We look forward to seeing you then and sharing our stories and poems with you. The prompt for this month, inspired by the changes of October — from Summer to Autumn to Winter, from Thanksgiving to Halloween, from garden to haunted back yard, and other transitions — is: transitions. What poem, story or essay come to mind when you think of metamorphoses and transitions?

There are many competitions closing out today and tomorrow. Visit our Wiki Events page to discover what these are. And don’t worry, there are plenty of competitions after tomorrow as well.

And that is it from me. I would write more, but I hear more guests creeping around outside, and I have to attend to them.

Boo! And keep writing,

See on Wednesday. 🙂