Newsletter: 13/9/14: Welcome to the Write Group

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the writings, worlds and woolgatherings of the Write Group.

Who are we?

We are local writers, from teens to seniors, who decided to get together, share our writing and form a club. Our members are novelists, bloggers, poets, journalists, chroniclers, short story writers, playwrights, wordsmiths, artists and storytellers. Many of us write science fiction, fantasy, poetry, historical and journalist nonfiction, contemporary (urban) legends and common-man stories (with twists), and other forms of fiction and nonfiction genres and forms. One of our new members, a professional artist, is interested in writing children’s literature. All are welcome.

We have celebrated our common love of writing for about 41 years.

Our slogan is Picture the Purls Penned on Our Paper, a thrill to the tongue if there ever was one. Purl means to flow or ripple with a murmuring sound. It is also the murmur of such ripples. But, if you look it up, it also alludes to a gold or silver sewing thread, an inverted stitch in knitting, and a looped border sewn on lace or braid. All of these and the slogan invoke images of writing and the written word. After all, in all our writing we are stirring and weaving our readers’ imaginations and memories to create unique stories and sensations in their minds.

What do we do?

So, what exactly does the Write Group do? And what do you want it to do?

Back in January, I outlined what the Write Group does in response to an article that described the top ten things effective writing clubs do for their members. I would like to quote that outline here.

But first, the main thing we do at the Write Group is write. We write because we love it. We write because we live it. We write because it is fun and mind-expanding, and because we grow from doing so. We write because our bodies urge us to. In fact, you know you are a writer when you feel antsy about writing when you haven’t written in a while. You know you are a writer when stories, poems, facts, characters and scenes pop vividly in your head, often at the most inconvenient times, and you have to catch them before they disappear. You know you are a writer when you know that that window to catch those fleeting musings is about to close forever. In fact, it is already closing. You know you a writer when you write.

This is what the Write Group does.

Newsletter 13/01/18

A few years ago, one of the Write Group‘s previous members outlined an article to us about the top ten things successful writing groups do for their members. The Write Group, if I recall, actively engaged in most of these things at the time, and has since added many of the others. Top among these ten things a successful writing group provides its members are: 1) a welcoming and supportive community of colleagues, 2) oral reading of works, 3) writing exercises and prompts, 4) announcements of current markets and competitions, 5) constructive peer critiques of works, 6) discussions on writing craft (not lessons, but sharing of ideas), and 7) a multi-platform public and global presence for the Write Group and each of our members, providing exposure, reach, resources and networking. We are actually known world-wide now to published and unpublished writers, editors, agents, publishers, other writing groups and the public; our Twitter and Daily Paper contributions are anticipated by many; and through talks with the Town of Tofield, our presence will be cross-linked with theirs. (Update: The Town suggested it would do this again at the last Don’t Hibernate Fair on the fifth.) 8) Our Diigo contains many resources on writing, contests, prompts, markets, editors, agents and other matters for your use; this reference is ever growing. We also added 9) this letter, a means to deliver timely information of interest and keep us in touch. [10) I am also considering transferring edited versions of these newsletters to my writing blog for each of us to see and reference. And, in at least one case, we are 11) editing and critiquing a book more deeply than can be provided orally at a meeting. (And yes, DG, I am still actively editing Sapling.) One of the advantages of the Write Group, because we are a community, is that we 12) provide a hub for members with common interests, aspirations and investments in each other and our works. One of our goals is to 13) help each of us to successful publication, and the “service” of editing colleagues’ works is one means contributing to that.]

That is what we do. What (more) do you want us to do? I will add this question to our next poll, which hopefully will come out tomorrow, and look forward to your response.

Prompts, Contests and Events

Normally, our newsletters contain only information on new prompts, contest and events. The newsletters come out usually every week in order to keep up with new developments.

Our monthly prompt, which we will share on at our next meeting on October 2, is Why a Writer? I excerpted part of my response above. What is your answer? You can answer in any form: essay, story, poem, point form, video, audio (if you bring your own multi-audience device to share this with the group) or other means.

However you can find more prompts in our Prompts page and our Diigo. Please feel free to search for a prompt that inspires you, for inspiration is the purpose of the prompts.

There are many competitions on the horizon. The earliest of these deadlines on September 24. But we have contests listed to February 28. Check out our Competitions page and Diigo resource if you are interested in entering a contest. There are many reasons to due so. The two main ones are practice and exposure. Even if you don’t win a competition, you still gain by competing. We hope you consider some competitions to start networking your name, brand and work.

Finally, yes, in fact, there are some upcoming events which you might be interested in. Please check out our Events page to learn what is being offered. In particular, note that the Words in the Park Book Sale and Fair on Saturday, October 19, is calling for any authors who want to book a table to present do so by September 20.

I will be updating the Events page soon (perhaps tomorrow) to catch new material and polls.

When and where do we meet?

Currently, we meet every first Wednesday of each school month, from September to June, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, in the Council Chamber of the Tofield Town Office (Tofield Library building). Our second meeting is on October 2. We hope you will be there.

However, I have already received an e-mail from one of our members who can’t meet on Wednesdays. I will post a new poll on our Events page of our wiki asking you to indicate days you favour meeting. Please complete this poll so we can make decisions and take actions that can accommodate you and everyone else. This is your club and we want you to be able to take full advantage of it.

In the meantime, while you are on our wiki [now our blog], check out our Member pages to see what your fellow writers are up to.

With that I will close. I hope you have fun participating in the Write Group. We are thrilled to have you; you are what make us great, and hopefully we can return the favour.

Keep writing,