Newsletter: 13/6/30: Canada Day and Survey of Summer Choices

Hi everyone,

Wow! First, I wish you a terrific Canada Day tomorrow. If you get a chance, partake of the parade, fireworks and other events. I know some of you have already gone camping and many of you probably have family traditions that you follow. We could not ask for better weather to kick-off the Summer.

Second, a simple reminder that we do not meet during the Summer. Please don’t wait outside the library for us on July 3. Our next meeting is September 4.

The Write Group is not inactive during the Summer; the next two months give us a chance to catch up on some fun and writing. I find writing during the different seasons changes the atmosphere of the experience, and so the atmosphere of my writing. Summer is a productive time.

With that said, Figment no longer offers writing prompts. So, we are on the hunt for more. Check out our Events page and complete the survey at the bottom. In it you will find questions about writing prompts (section 3). I found some regular sources of prompts. Vote for those you prefer, or suggest other sites you favour.

The prompts can be prosaic, poetic, photographic, opening lines, simple prompts, craft-building challenges, fiction, nonfiction, or any genre or form you like. I tried to cover the bases. Feel free to choose more than one option. (My favourite is the rotation one, not that I am trying to influence your vote; ignore my left hand; look here at my right one.) Please fill in our Summer survey and voice your opinion about the prompts you want to see.

I thought this week that I would offer a trio of homemade prompts.

1. A few of you graduated this year. Some graduated not long ago. Some some time ago. Either way, you have some opinion about this time in your life. What advice would you give your 18-year-old self? Write a poem, story, letter or article to yourself at 18 (year after graduation), giving yourself advice on the big things, and the small ones. If you are looking forward to 18, looking back at it, or looking at it, what advice would you give yourself? What insights would you reveal? Read this letter for inspiration.

2. Canada Day and Summer are full of traditions, some communal, some private. What is your most precious tradition (it does not have to be restricted to Canada Day nor Summer)? Why is it precious? What does it involve? What is it tied to? Where did it come from? Who do (will) you share it with, or do (will) you? What does it mean to that person or those people? Will you always keep it, or will you let it go?

3. Look at something that stirs some emotion in you, or at something that decidedly does not. Is it beautiful, ugly, sad, joyful? Take a picture of it at its best, or worst. Then look at you contemplating it from its perspective. What emotion is stirred in it? Describe what it sees.

I hope you have fun with those.

We have several competitions with approaching deadlines. Several in fact are due tomorrow. Take a look at our Competitions page and see which ones inspire you.

One competition that is also a prompt is the Your Story Competition from Writer’s Digest. It is offered every other month and July 15 is the deadline for the current competition. The winner is published in an upcoming issue of Writer’s Digest. Competition 51: Write a short story, of 750 words or fewer, that begins with the following line of dialogue: “Heads, we get married; tails, we break up.” Current Deadline: July 15.

And with that I leave you to the weather and the day. Have a great Canada Day.

Keep writing,