Newsletter: 13/5/31: Final Meeting, More Competitions, and More Prompts

Hi everyone,

As I type this letter, I hear on the news that Oklahoma City and area was hit by three more intense tornadoes today. My thoughts go out to the affected people. I hope they fare the tornadoes with minimal loss and no one was hurt.

Events like these remind us just how fortunate we are.

Stories and Snacks — Meeting this Wednesday

Our immediate worry is our next Write Group meeting this Wednesday on June 5, an event worth looking forward to. I hope many of you can make it since this is our last meeting until September. Also, if you wish to bring a snack, in celebration of this last meeting before Summer, you are invited to Bring Your Own Stories, Bring Your Own Snack, and Bring Your Own Poems.

Let’s send out the year with a great last meeting.

Writing Prompts

And what should you write for this last meeting? Any poem or prose is welcome, whether fiction, non-fiction, personal or professional. But if you need inspiration to begin your masterpiece, check out our Prompts page on our Wiki, or select from the prompts below.

I just discovered a Poetic Form challenge offered by Writer’s Digest. Each month (or two) a new poetic form is introduced to us and we are challenged to write a poem in that form. This is a great way to learn or relearn the different poetic forms, but to also write different kinds of poems. This month’s poetic form is a Senryu. Check the challenge out and discover a new poem … in form, and in you.

Before I offer the Figment prompts, let me introduce you to a MOOC I am starting this September. Creativity, Innovation, and Change is all about creativity. This is an experiential self-directed course. You choose the portals or modules you wish to learn. From the frontipage and e-mails the facilitators have provided:

Explore your unique brand of creativity to gain deeper personal insight. Learn and apply new techniques to make innovative contributions in your own world. Solve complex problems and drive change creatively.

All students will begin with the Creativity Portal in the first week. Next, participants will be able to choose from a variety of module tracks depending on their particular needs and interests. The following are examples of modules that will be offered:

  • Creativity Portal
  • Optional Portals:

  • Creative Diversity: How we each manage ideas and change differently through Opportunity, Motive, Level, and Style
  • Lean Learning. Metrics for reaching your creative potential
  • Implementing innovation in the marketplace of ideas
  • Maximizing Collisions of Ideas with Opportunities — The Art of Innovation: Remixing, Mashups, etc.
  • Creative Group Dynamics: Leveraging creativity from everyone in the organization
  • Intelligent Fast Failure as a prototyping tool
  • Breakthroughs through creative destruction
  • Paradox of Structure: How every structure enables and limits us at the same time
  • Brain Training: Techniques for generating and selecting ideas
  • Innovating by exploiting serendipity and surprise
  • Catalyzing Change: How to drive the Spiral of Change
  • CENTER — Character, Excellence, owNership, Tenacity, Entrepreneurship, and Relationship: 6 key practices of success, with skills and metrics
  • Cognitive Gaps: How to manage creative diversity within a team or organization
  • CLICK Synthesis: Creating Leadership through Ideas resulting in Change and Knowledge
  • Interested enough to join me?

    Figment has four more prompts for us (last Monday was Memorial Day in the US, so no Monday prompt is offered). This week, Figment is whimsical and offers us prompts designed to exercise our playfulness, creativity and imagination. Take the opening line this week: what if this girl (or is it a woman?) actually could control every element in the world outside? Is inside in a house, or is it somewhere else? Perhaps it is a metaphor? Could this girl be the same girl in the second prompt, or is that someone else? What if the two girls, if there are two, ended up stuck together as in the third prompt? Perhaps the two are indeed one, joined at the hip or the torso or elsewhere. Or perhaps these are all separate stories or poems. What are some whimsical firsts? How whimsical can being stuck together become? And what if the photo prompt were connected to these prompts, particularly the opening line? Be playful. Be creative. Be imaginative. Have fun.

    Writing Competitions

    Need something else to do with those prompts? There are new competitions listed on our Wiki Competitions page. The next deadline is June 3, so see what is offered and dig out what you have. You never know, and the exposure you get is priceless.

    And with that I will let you go so you can break out that pencil and paper and keep writing. Until our meeting this Wednesday, which I hope you can make,

    Att: May 28-31, 2013 Figments