Newsletter: 13/5/1: Meeting Tonight and More on Writing

Hi everyone,

Meeting Tonight

It is the first Wednesday of the month today and we have a Write Group meeting tonight at 7:00 pm (Tofield Town Office, Library building). This is our second-last meeting before Summer, so I hope you can make it — despite the weather. Watch your step however; it was slippery yesterday, so may still be today.

Am I the only one who has noticed that for the last four or five months the weather seems out to stop us from meeting?

I did not e-mail you on the weekend since I too was feeling under the weather. So, I agree this letter is extremely short notice. I apologize for that.

Writing Conference

Remember, the conference, Words in 3 Dimensions, is on May 24-26. We don’t get writing conferences in our backyard that often, so you may want to take advantage of the opportunity to 1) meet writers, editors, agents and publishers while they are gathered together near us, and 2) take in some of the presentations on writing and marketing, and the booths set up for the writing crowd. There is something for everyone, so check out the Words in 3 Dimensions website for the program, fees and other details.

Also, depending on interest, I would like to do something special at our last meeting, June 5. I proposed a snack-luck or bring-your-own-snack, but please, if you can think of something else we can do, let me know in the survey on our new Write Group Events page.

I describe the conference and snack-luck on this Events page. I have had a couple of responses to the survey on that page already. Please take a moment to fill out that survey and let us know whether you are interested in the conference or the snake-luck.

Writing Competitions

There are several writing contest deadlines coming up. Consider submitting something. The benefit of exposure, both as an experience and a way to show potential markets — from agents to readers — that you are out there and what you can do, is immeasurable.

Share-a-story and Get Caught Reading

Do you remember the Hydra of Greek myth, who grows two heads for each that is chopped off? Today the same is true for monthly observances. With the close of National Poetry Writing Month open National Share-a-story Month and Get Caught Reading Month. These are hosted by the UK and US respectively, but they are observed and celebrated internationally. So, this month join the world, share a story and get caught reading.

Writing Prompts

To help you share that story, I offer more writing prompts from Figment. I am including Monday and Tuesday’s in addition to last week’s to close off April. You can find the full list of Figment prompts from February to April on our Prompts page in our wiki. I hope one of the prompts below inspires a story in you. If you are still in poetry writing mode, fear not, you can still share that story; poems often tell stories too.

And with that, have a great day, see you tonight and keep writing,

Att: Apr 22-30, 2013 Figments