Newsletter: 13/4/13: Writers’ Conference, Figments, Meeting and More, Oh My

Hi everyone,

Welcome to another wondrous Saturday. Isn’t it just one of those days when you want to curl up in your favourite couch or chair and read a book … or write another chapter of one … or a poem (April is National Poetry Month — write a poem … or write one a day) or a short story?

A Writers’ Conference is Coming

I have BBBIIIIIGGG news. Edmonton is hosting a writer’s conference, called Words in Three Dimensions, on May 24 — 26. Here is a list of publishers, agents and editors that will host Pitch Camps at the conference. What do you think? To my knowledge we have never held a Write Group-wide outing before. Is this the event? E-mail back and let me know if you are interested and if you are not. (We are not obligated to go as a group. It would be nice though.)

Celebration time. Come on. Last Two Write Group Meetings (of the Year)

With that said, Wednesday, May 1, is our second last meeting this year. (Our last one is June 5.) If you ever wanted to attend a meeting, but just couldn’t make it, these are your last two chances to meet the rest of us, the community of Tofield and area writers, until September. Let’s face it, we are 14 strong, but until you come meet us that is just a number. We would love to welcome you to the Group and show you that you are not writing alone.

I was considering a snack-luck or some other celebration of the Group for June 5, but this is something we would have to discuss together. (Hmm. Check out our wiki. Perhaps something magical and interactive will appear there in the next few hours (Events page?). It might even involve the conference. Hmm.)

Also, you may be unaware of this, but we have member pages on our wiki, in which you can say something about yourself or your writing, and link or include samples of your work. This is a great way to get you and the Write Group exposure. Check the member pages already up to see what others have done. Perhaps you will be inspired.

In the Spirit of Writing: Prompts

Yep, Figment has been up to it again, giving us fresh character building and story building prompts. But I also have these prompts from Writer’s Digest. I noticed a big push of articles on writer’s block this week, with posts and comments on how to get out of it, and others on what it is and is not. Brian Klems gives us 7 creative writing prompts to knock us out of writer’s block. This is the first:

It’s time for you and Writer’s Block to part ways. Write a letter breaking up with Writer’s Block, starting out with, “Dear Writer’s Block, it’s not you, it’s me … .”

Writer’s Digest offers other prompts as well, such as poetry prompts for National Poetry Writing Month (and every Wednesday) and If Art Could Talk, reminiscent of Hogwarts and Van Gogh and the Moon.

Does your poem have characters? Does it have character? Is a character always human? Figment is in a character building mood this week. Each of the following prompts can trigger a story or a poem, but it also has some exercise designed to help you consider your poem and story characters. Once again, the opening line and photo prompt could go nicely together or stand alone. The April 9 and 11 prompts take your characters out of their comfort zone and ask you to discover how they would (re)act. And finally, the April 10 prompt asks what touch feels like. Taken from your character’s perspective, this could be very powerful. Enjoy.

For Exposure and Practice: Competitions

And finally, I want to leave a reminder that their are several contest deadlines coming up. Check my last letter.

And that is all I wrote. Have a great, safe weekend, and keep writing,

Att: Apr 8-12, 2013 Figments