Newsletter: 13/4/5: A Week of Poems to Kick Off NaPoWriMo and New Competitions

Hi everyone,

I am writing early this week because I have a test this weekend and, in the drags of studying for and writing it, I don’t want to delay another letter to you. I also want to make up for the long drought you had to endure (I know it was hard) last month while I was on vacation. But most of all, I want you to get a chance to enter, if you are up to it, the contest attached to these prompts (I mentioned this contest last Monday). These prompts are a bit longer than most, they are offered by one guest author, and they are all about poems. I hope you enjoy the prompts and take a chance to enter the contest.

Poems have many commonalities with stories. There are many genres and forms of poems. They have atmospheres, throughlines and themes. But they play with the diction, interaction and properties of words and meanings to elicit emotional and cognitive reactions that prose elicits less efficiently. In celebration of National Poetry Writing Month, this week Figment offers a week of prompts for poems, each brought to us by Karen Benke, author of Leap Write In!!: Adventures in Creative Writing to Stretch and Surprise Your One-of-a-Kind Mind. (Start reading more prompts from Leap Write In! and submit one of your poems today or tomorrow in response to any of these prompts for a chance to win one of 25 copies of Leap Write In!)

I hope one of these prompts inspire a poem from each of you. In a real sense, poems are the playground of writing; the bridge between prose, oral tradition and music; and even the plane on which abstract and painful ideas come together in a way that is not only understood but experienced by the poet’s audience. Please take the time to write a poem, and consider entering the Figment contest, for the prize, the exposure and the practice.

Talking about poems and contests, I have some new competitions to offer.

Remember, also the April competitions offered in my last letter.

  • The April 1-5 Figment Prompts (above) have a contest attached to them. The prompts come from a book, 25 copies of which are up for grabs for those who submit their response to either of the prompts. Deadline: April 6.
  • The Iowa Poetry Prizes are offered for the best previously unpublished book-length collection of poetry. The winning manuscript earns publication under a standard royalty agreement. Deadline: April 30.
  • The Fountainhead Essay Contest is offered annually to encourage analytical thinking and excellence in writing. Top prize is $10,000, though there are more than 200 other cash prizes. Deadline: April 26.

Finally, these competitions are offered in June.

And that’s it from me. Good luck with the prompts and contests and keep writing.

Yours quilling,

Att: Apr 1-5, 2013 Figments